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Acne scars

Hi guys, what products from the YourGoodSkin range would you recommend to buy and use, to tackle adult acne scars and textured skin ?
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@sana1995 Welcome 🎉 I can confirm the Rapid Rescue Treatment is amazing! I've been using it for awhile now and anytime a flare up or breakout happens I will go into immediate combat with this product and WIN! I use to get very painful and inflamed flare ups that would be present on my face for weeks or longer. Now, at most maybe 5 days! As a former picker and with my own acne scarring, I've found the Balancing Skin has really helped with reducing the look of my scars. Hope this helps 🤗Read More...

Community Guidlines

Just a little heads-up to point you towards our YourGoodSkin™ Community Guidelines. When you have a free moment please familiarise yourselves with these. https://community.yourgoodskin.com/pages/community-guidelines We're not big fans of dictating the rules so they basically say 'be nice to people'! ❤️
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@Sai agree


Hi everyone , Thanks for the invite bex ! I am very excited to see what this new community has in store . A quick intro about me . I am Emma and I am thirty years old , I have a daughter and a full time job so not a lot of time to myself but looking good is important to me and I believe that starts with skin although don't have time for a long skincare regime . Speak soon :)
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@Emmab17 Welcome Emma! I also believe looking starts with good, healthy skin....here's to the YourGoodSkin line.Read More...

Hello everybody !! delighted to be here with all

Estoy muy feliz de estar aquí contigo, soy sney, estoy casada tengo un matrimonio feliz, tengo un hijo, mascotas, y estoy orgulloso de pertenecer a asuntos de piel, y ahora muy orgulloso de estar en esta nueva comunidad
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@Sney Hola, Mucho gusto en conoserte. De donde eres?

It's so great to see you all here!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us so far! It's amazing to so see how quickly the community has grown in just two days. So please keep sharing your stories, introducing yourselves, making friends, chit-chatting and having fun. There are so many exciting things yet to come... Oh, and remember to follow me to keep up to date with my posts!
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@Bex Thanks Bex!


Good Morning Bex and the SkinCare Community, I am very happy to have received the invite to participate in the New Community this morning! I have to say I really like the New Your Good Skin Community website and webpages. Great design and graphics and very presentable! Have a great day! Miracles
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Hi Miracles Thank you for joining our community and for the lovely words about the website design! I cannot wait to hear all everyones skincare stories as we go on this exciting journey together. BexRead More...


Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I've been involved in the Skin Matters community for over a year. I'm 29, work in healthcare, and am married to my best friend. I can't believe I'll be able to find these products on the shelf, soon! Welcome old and new friends!
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Hi @Puglove88 Thank you for introducing yourself to the community and a warm welcome. It will not be long to wait now until you can get your hands on these products and we cannot wait for everyone to start sharing their skincare stories with us. BexRead More...