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Black Friday Deals Walgreens

Right now you can get YGS products at Walgreens for a good deal. Whey you buy two the third is for free! Today they have also 30 % extra discount with the code SAVE30! Time to stock up!
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@Hendrika Amazing deal, thanks for letting us know!

Black Friday

Great deal on Boots for Black Friday https://www.boots.com/YourGoodSkin-3-minute-regime-bundle-10259252
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@Rach4down Amazing deal, thanks so much for sharing this!

Enjoy your holiday season,Bex!

Most of us seem to take you for granted and forget giving the praise and good tidings you so rightfully deserve;for if it weren’t for you,we wouldn’t be here as a happy panelist;content in the knowledge that we have your support and best interests at hand. Thank you,Bex. And Happy Holiday’s! 🌹
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Lovely message, thank you so much @Sagittarius Hope you all had the best day, love to you all!Read More...

4th day

evening ladies well another day all seemed well but today I noticed a little break out around my chin line, by the jaw headed towards my ears nothing major will monitor it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing I think my face is getting a good cleaning with the products and it’s ok. Will keep you posted 🌹
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@Pica flor Hello! The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing...Read More...

Testing the waters...

Hi!!. This is my first post and I am looking for some guidance. I am Mindy, 54 y/o, and have had a crappy complexion most of my life. My question is, do I need to post my skin story and someone will guide me as to what products I should use for my skin care regimen??? I don’t know how to know what I should be using in regards to my skin issues. Many thanks for the help!!!
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@Pica flor you are welcome πŸ˜€

Is there a Boots website or locations in USA?

I am just curious if Boots Beauty is only in the UK aside from its partnerships with retailers like Walgreens and Target? I have tried looking for a USA division website to no avail. Do they have locations in the US? What about YGS? Plans to grow into the US with direct opportunities at all or will they always be available only to UK residents? Thanks!
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@JenS2018 I don’t think they have an actual location in the US yet...they just have their products at selected stores.Read More...


Hello I’m from Puerto Rico, it’s tropical here so my skin has taken a beating, I’m a senior and have noticed my skin needs help. I saw Dr.Oz and saw the product on a show he did , went to Walgreens (they just Got the products in )and tomorrow I start my 28days of lets see what happens. I took pictures of before so I have something to compare with. At present I’m very unhappy with skin tone, spots, dry and dull looking skin ,just tired looking know what I mean. Well I hope this is how one starts.
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Oh ok @Pica flor I know what you mean now! I get that too sometimes, they're not visible until you look in a magnifying mirror. I exfoliate and cleanse regularly but cant seem to get rid of them totally either. Let's see if anyone else has any tips on that one!Read More...

New product revealed!

Meet the new Revitalizing Foaming Wash! The soft, velvet foam gently lifts away make-up, daily impurities & excess oil. From first use skin looks radiant & feels instantly refreshed. Would love to know what you think?!
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I looked in my local walgreens. I will see if I can order online. Cant wait to tryRead More...

Nonenal- That β€œOld man’ smell β€œ.

I’m 58 years old and beginning to notice this familiar odor on my person. I’ve purchased everything under the sun to be rid of it with no positive,nor permanent results. Any suggestions,ladies? Now,don’t be embarrassed like me. It doesn’t mean you’re getting old,it’s a normal procession..,but of what cruelty,I do not know. πŸ˜‹ What I do know is the fact that we’ll all get it at some point in life.
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@Hannah What a wonderful sounding solution,Hannah! But I just hope,that if I do ingest the essential oils,it won't make the odor worse,Hon. And lately,thus far,it's been subsidizing somewhat. It's probably a symptom of coming into age,and once it's acknowledged,it dissipates. Wishful thinking,huh? I remember wishing the same thing during menstruation...and it did stop. πŸ˜‰Read More...

A favour to ask!

Hi Ladies! If you have used our Purifying Treatment Mask, I would love it if you could please give it a review for us via the link below! If you have a few mins spare I would be soooo grateful - thank you! x UK: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/u...fying-treatment-mask US: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/shop/cleanse/purifying-treatment-mask
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@Bex I just tried to post my review but the link still does not appear to be working. I like the Purifying Treatment Mask-it is quick and easy to use. My only complaint is it does not rinse off as easily as I would have thought. I used less product the second time, but it still took longer than expected to completely wash offRead More...

Skincare as a gift

Hi Ladies! How are you all doing? I have started doing some Christmas shopping this week and it has got me wondering, would you buy skincare as a gift? Have you ever bought skincare as a gift for someone in the past? If so, who was it for? What did you buy them? If you wouldn't buy skincare as a gift, why not? What are your reasons for this? Would love to know your thoughts on this one! x
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@Bex I have bought skincare items as gifts. Sometimes it has been single items and sometimes gift sets. I've done this for family and friends. Last year I even bought a gift set and then divided the pieces between multiple family members as stocking stuffers. Since some people are particular about their products (like me) I am careful about how much I spend unless I know them well.Read More...