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Help, difficult to get rid of spots

I've been using ysg skin products for just a couple weeks over a month now and it's really improved my skin a lot. However since it's first week of use I've been getting spots in random places. Like a couple show up per week and then they fade, and a few days later another couple show up. Is there any product that's guaranteed to help? I'm currently using : - brush with refreshing face wash - minimizing pore tonic - balancing skin concentrate - anti-shine base lotion - spf 30 day cream /...
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@Joeri Vanhamel Hi lovely! What skin type and skin concerns do you have?Read More...

Balancing cream and moisturiser

hi all, I’ve been using the balancing cream as a moisturiser...should I be using a moisturiser as well??? I have oily skin and it seems to be particularly bad at the moment. Thanks! Xxx
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@Helen Capodici Yes, you will definitely need to use a moisturiser afterwards 😊 You use the concentrate in place of a serum!Read More...

Festive period

Hi Ladies! Is everyone ready for the festive period?! I would love to see any pictures of your decorated houses if you have done this already! What are your plans over this period? Do you have any family traditions that you will be repeating this year? Have you got any parties coming up? If so, what look will you be going for this year? Me and my family usually go up to our house in the Lake District (UK) but we are not doing that this year so I think I will be having a quiet one at home,...
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@Bex we put up no decorations because our golden retriever will eat anything that is not glued to the floor. Our "Christmas tree" is a tree shaped scented night light I got from Bath and Body works!! My sister is coming from Texas for Christmas and I hate to look like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so a few days before she arrives I'm gonna hang some red ribbons on the curtains and other places the dog can't reach. My parents had cats that tore into every Christmas decoration they put up...Read More...

Done my Challenge

Top picture is two weeks in bottom picture is today as I finished my challenge. I definitely see the results . I’m glad I stuck with it because I did get discouraged at the 2 week mark since I had all new breakouts. But after three weeks I started to see the clear up and coincidentally it was that time of the month for me so I break out the most. So I knew it was working because it fought through my period breakout . There is still room for improvement but I will start incorporating other...
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You did good your skin looks great πŸ‘πŸŒΉ

YGS in Puerto Rico!!

Just got back from a cruise. First place you see at the port in Puerto Rico is Walgreens so of course I had to check it out. Gracias! YGS is there.!
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@Bex yes, it was wonderful. I would have liked to spend more time in ports than on the ship, but overall it was greatRead More...

Acne cream

As part of my regime how and when do I use it? I wash, tone , serum, day/night cream, I scrub 1x a week Where and how do I use the acne cream ? Should I put my toner in the refrigerator? I live on a tropical island and it’s hot my a/c only goes on for bedtime. thank you🌹
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@Pica flor When I am using acne cream too often my skin starts to get dry so maybe don't use it too often. I have sun spots on my skin too and I have noticed that they got less noticeable since using the concentrate. It really has given me a more even skin tone.Read More...

Raffle prizes

Looks like some of the raffle prizes (not sure from which months) mine is from June, might be arriving around Monday. I just got a fedex shipment update from a package sent from Boots NY 😁 Yay, can’t wait for it to come!
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""You' made me look". πŸ˜‹

Can't access daily/weekly messages

So I signed up for daily goodskinin28 messages via the app, got a welcome message from @karaellen & since then nothing. I can't see any daily messages on the app...or am I looking in the wrong place?? Today I've also tried to update my notification preferences to include weekly emails...slider moves, shows email updates checked, but as soon as I click on the [Update] button, the slider moves back to the OFF position. So I can't access weekly emails either. Frustrated!
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Thank you for your reply. I’ll try again πŸ€—

Skin Acid Toners

Hi Ladies, I have recently started using these skin acid pads/wipes after cleansing and before my serum for a deeper but gentle exfoliation and so far I am really liking their effect. Do any of you use something similar and would YGS consider adding something like this to the range? They contain both salacylic and hyalauronic acids.
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@DonnaB I don't use anything like that but those two ingredients are wonderful for the skin.Read More...

Eye cream

Why is there not an eye cream in the range, will there be one in the future
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And let’s not forget the elimination of those pesky dark circles under the eyes! Not everyone wears makeup,nor looks good in it. β€œI have Ingrid Bergman eyebrows”! ...Sharp arches,for goodness sake! πŸ˜•Read More...

I'm Confused???

Can someone please explain the differences between a toner, witch hazel and micellar water? Are they one in the same? If not, what are the differences?
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You’re welcome @ReneeF 😊

Surgery Scars

Hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been away forever, but I needed to have major surgery that made things difficult for a while. The nerves that go to my hand were covered in scar tissue that was causing major problems. Long story short, I lost a rib, two neck muscles, and the use of my arm for a bit. It’s been 4 weeks now, and I’m back to doing some of the things I’ve been missing! Does anyone have any tips for reducing scars? I’m going to try some silicone strips, but I thought it would be a...
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Its an oil for scars and stretch marks. It’s better for the new scars, but I’m sure over time it would help slightly fade old ones too! I’ve used it for almost 20 years.Read More...


Hi @Bex and YGS Ladies. How was everyone's Thanksgiving??!! Hope it was filled with laughter,memories,friends,family and good food!
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@Bex Yes I did. Thank you. My guests actually came the day after but ate the leftovers,lol!Read More...

Make-Up Bags / What’s in yours?”

This is my idea of a makeup bag. β€œWhatsh β€œ?! They are tools,you know.., They fix our faces..,πŸ₯°
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@Bex ”Wow,Bex”! I thought that was your natural beauty. You’re bag probably weighs more than you do! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for responding! Other girls have even better ideas,if you haven’t read them yet;get going,girlfriend. We’re all rolling with creativity in making YGS the best it could be. And with your help,the sky’s the limit!Read More...

Facial Brushes.

So I have a question for anybody that knows something about facial Skincare Brushes... How do you keep them clean?!! I won a raffle not too long ago and got the Softening Facial Brush. I LOVED it! It was cute and came with that little stand/holder. But litterally after the 2nd-3rd use I felt like I was rubbing dirt back in to my face and the smell or discoloration didnt help either. I was super sad since the brush worked. It gave me a deep clean that I could not get from just using my...
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I blot my brush dry with a towel when I get out. We have kind of hard water here, so when cleaning th tub, I also spray it with my vinegar/Dawn dish soap mixture. The discoloration goes away and the mixture has antibiotic properties. I second the baby sterilizer! I’ll rememver that when we have a little one.Read More...