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YGS regeime and makeup.

I know makeup is a touchy subject but I like to wear it because I'm a beauty advisor and it makes me feel good. Flawless looking makeup starts with good skincare which I follow now with YGS cleanser , Balancing Skin Concentrate , Day cream in morning . I have always struggled finding a good primer & foundation routine that looks flawless and doesn't look cakey .


Please share your YGS routine and makeup routine ; primer, foundation, setting method .  Also share your skin type because that's important too. I have a oily skin type so my struggle is application, creasing, caking , and all that jazz . Also share your makeup horror stories if you want to. 


Sharing your  routine and any tips is much appreciated . Thank you fam 😊 




I am interested in hearing this too! Someone else on this forum suggested No7 foundation. I went to Walgreens and they use a machine to match your color. I bought the stay perfect AND matte and their loose powder. So far I LOVE them. I use the stay perfect for a lighter makeup day light to med coverage and matte one for work days or days I want more med full coverage. I have only used them both once and liked the results. I just bought a primer yesterday and will try that for the first time. Do you use a primer? I never have so some tips on that would be nice. I use a lot of the ygs products too and love the results there. I have combination skin so finding a foundation that doesn’t cake is important to me too. I will update after using this foundation more and primer results. I will say it’s early but so far I do love the No7 foundation and translucent powder. 

I am also wondering what others use for eyebrow pencils??? I have kind of thin/patchy eyebrows and just like to darken the hairs. I do dye my eyebrows sometimes but in between doing that I need an eyebrow pencil that doesn’t smudge and goes on easily, etc. 

Thanks for starting this conversation, I love gettting real opinions and results about makeup that people have used.

@Jane Mallia @manda I was the one that suggested the No7 foundation! I love that foundation too and with the machine you can really match your skin color to the right foundation color. This is the foundation that won't cake and looks like a mask on your face and it is lightweight and doesn't clog my pores. I use it after the concentrate. I always make sure to wait for a couple of minutes to let the concentrate be absorbed by the skin before I put on any other makeup or products. 

@Hendrika yes and thank you for letting us know about this foundation!!! I seriously love it! And Walgreens had buy 2 get 3rd free so I got 2 foundations and the powder. My face finally feels and looks great at age 34. Ygs products are amazing and I love that they have this forum for us to all discuss the ygs products and other products as well! Thanks again for your No7 review/suggestion. 

@manda You are so welcome! I had searched for a good foundation for years and I am glad that this one finally does what it needs to do. 

@Jane Mallia Nice topic. I have wanted to try the No 7 but haven't yet. Right now I am using, and have been for years, Mary Kay cream to powder foundation. It works for me. I have combination skin which means my cheek area and forehead are dry but the nose area can get oily. 

I am retired so sometimes I just don't put on any makeup at all. When i go out though the foundation goes on, some eyeliner and mascara, and of course lipstick.

The no7 is fantastic I ran out but going to buy more 

@Jane Mallia i like the no7

airbrush foundation and also the L’Oréal true match

one. I also recommend the no7

airbrush primer

@Jane Mallia I have normal to dry skin. I use the YGS BSC, refreshing face wash, Comforting gel cleanser, pore Minimizing tonic, and moisturizing makeup remover wipes. I use No.7 eye, day and night creams. For years my foundation has been L'oreal, right now it is Lumi. My loose powder for setting was discontinued, also L'oreal. I tried the No.7, but it's not my favorite. I have recently added No.7 airbrush away primer. I like how that feels but I don't really see what it does.

@Jane Mallia  I am currently using the refreshing face wash and pore minimizing tonic. I don't wear foumdation or other bases. I wear basically mascara and lipsticks/ glosses. A skin horror story for me....when I tried to get matched with the whole shabang of a makeup look at Macy's years ago..I walked out looking like a raccoon and didn't even know it until my husband looked weird and asked...what happened to you???? 

I use Clinique products and love them, but I don't use makeup often. I also don't use a primer at least currently. I'm more concerned with skin care. I believe if the skin isn't healthy it doesn't matter what the makeup looks like

@Bex Hi Bex. Would YGS ever come out with a make up line? If so, I'll be the first in line to buy them.

@Mim I would love to try a makeup line by YGS too!

@Sai Yes wouldn't that be wonderful.

@Mim yes it would....especially if it had some of the YGS products benefits in them too!

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