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YGS now available in Ulta!


@Bex this is good news! I’m feeling very positive that I’ll be able to find it and the coupon code is just an awesome bonus! Yay!✌🏼

That’s great news @Bex does that mean it’s going to be in store too?

@Bex oh good I have to head over there. Thanks Bex. 

@Bex .great news...I shop at ULTA ...it's good to have another option to get YGS products

@Bex Yah!!! And it’s about time a branded recognition took hold. I saw this coming,didn’t I,Bex? “What’d I say back then,ha;What’d I say?! 😏

@Bex That's great news!  Seems like YGS is really branching out, so exciting 😊 👍

@Bex Great since I seemed to have left my day and night cream at the hotel in Athens! So I will be needing some more.🤭

That is so awesome!! YGS is moving on up! So proud to be a part of this!

Taewow posted:

@Bex .great news...I shop at ULTA ...it's good to have another option to get YGS products

I agree! Maybe Sephora will have YGS products next??

@Sai I like Sephora,but their prices are getting absurd;as if they’re still all that. I prefer Ulta,especially now that they sell YGS products! I just knew YGS would make believers out of others besides us panelists.  “You “Go” Skin”! 😉

@Sagittarius I know what you mean....I honestly like getting my beauty/skin stuff at Target, can’t wait till YGS is sold there!

@Sai And there you have it,Sai. “It’s not what you wear,it’s how you put it together “..,

@Bex That is awesome!  Thanks for letting us know.

@Bex This is great news! So happy for YGS!!  We all knew it was a great product line!

@Bex Awesome!  It is going to get so much more exposure there!!

@Bex Great news! This wonderful line is going to continue to grow and branch out into all markets and retailers. I have no doubts!

Yippee!!! Thank you Bex!!

@Bex Thats good to know, but if i think i might stick to buying the products from Walgreens though.

@Bex Congrats! I dont shop Ulta but might have to now.

@Bibicool  This is great news, but I'm mainly going to continue to purchase at Walgreens also. I don't really shop at Ulta. 

@Bonita I’m probably going to do the same 😊

@Bex Ulta! I love Ulta. The only thing missing was YGS! I was just at an Ulta in Hamburg, NY on Tuesday. This just makes a great store even better

@Sagittarius I agree about Sephora. I walk through the store occasionally but the prices send me racing out the door!

@Sai. If Saphora had the too...that would be amazing...YGS is moving up☺

@Bex Oh WOW! THE Balancing Skin Concentrate at that price! STEAL!!!

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