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YGS Community Update 2!

Hi ladies!

I wanted to post today a bit more about our new Community over on Facebook – thank you so much to those who have already joined me over there!

First of all – are things going to be different over on Facebook? Yes, but only for the better. We’re going to ramp up the amount of research, collaborations and creation we do together. We want you to test our products, model in our photo shoots and feature in our videos. Every single one of you that wants to be involved, can be.

If you already have a Facebook account, just follow this link, ask to join and I’ll invite you in: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ygscommunity/

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can set one up really easily and you DON’T have to do anything else on Facebook at all – you can set your profile to ‘private’ and purely use it for our community.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQs sheet I uploaded in the first discussion yesterday, if you have any other questions, or drop me a message and I’ll chat through it with you 😊


@Bex I can't wait! Looking forward to more testing, etc.......

@Bex I am in and super excited! Cannot wait to test more products, etc.💕💕

@Bex Thanks for the update and the clarification  😊

@Bex Hello Bex hope Your well? I would love to collab and model for your good skin! ❤️ Hope to hear from you soon xx 

@Bex  this seems like a good opportunity and I have requested to join

@Bex just requested to join. Is the Facebook page going to replace this group or be in addition to it many thanks 

@Bex This is so exciting . Plus I like how valued we are to YGS company.

@Bex Thanks for the opportunity.  Everything sounds exciting. 💕😃

@Deepakaur I love that confidence;and it’s befitting,for you are a beauty... But only behind Sai. 😋

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