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Wouldn’t use this again

im really disappointed after 28 days using this My skin hasn’t improved and actually I’ve had more of a breakout then usual 


I used the concentrate obviously but I used the active treatment tonic ,pro vitamin overnight cream and the black head scrub I really don’t no

I'm not sure either. Alot of them do have simlar ingredients and not everyone's skin is going to respond to certain products the same way. I would stop using them too if it happened to me. Maybe some other members will have some solutions soon.

Hi @charlottemccaffrey@yahoo.co.uk that’s not good news.  I would honestly have suggested doing the 28 day challenge with just the concentrate, sometimes using too many new products at once can end up backfiring.  Prime example my son, I bought him the whole acne clearing range and he actually got worse then he started, so we stopped them all and went back to one product. Hope you get to give the concentrate another go once your breakout clears up 😊

@charlottemccaffrey@yahoo.co.uk I would suggest only using the concentrate at first and let your skin get used to this new product. After your skin is used to the product (usually after the 28 day challenge) I would implement the other product one by one so you will know how your skin will react to each product. All product at once was maybe too much at once for your skin.

@charlottemccaffrey@yahoo.co.uk so sorry to hear this. Some of us experienced breakouts when first starting the YGS regimen, but it didn't last long. I hope you find products better suited to your skin's needs

@charlottemccaffrey@yahoo.co.uk  wow that was a large number of changes to your regime all at once, perhaps that is why your skin reacted in this way. Definitely message Bex for advice and as the others have mentioned once your skin has settled down try just using the concentrate for the 28 days and gradually introduce the other products. Good luck x

Sometimes we’re allergic like myself I just found out I have dermitis of the skin and never knew bcuz I was just so many things trying to get rid of acne and making it worse. 

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