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What to use


would any one be able to let me know the best products to use please been noticing a few celebs try your good skin n good reviews n it’s won me over just would like to know what’s best for my skin

i have combination skin n some black heads on my nose n chin where it can get oily and do get blemishes each month.... what’s the best routine n products please 





@Rose1993 I recommend starting with the balancing concentrate and use this for the 28 day challenge. When your skin is used to the concentrate you can start implementing other YGS products. I would recommend using the blackhead scrub twice a week and the night cream. I wouldn't start using the products all at once because when you start a new skin care routine your skin needs to get used to each product and that way you will know how your skin reacts to each product and what the benefits for your skin will be. Good luck! You will like the products I am sure of that!

Hi @Rose1993 I agree with @Hendrika start yourself up with the balancing skin concentrate and do the 28 day challenge, along side you could use the refreshing face wash and black head scrub a few times a week.  Good luck 😊

@Rose1993  great advice here and allmof my favorites are mentiones

@Rose1993 I would start with the balancing concentrate and one of the cleansers to suit your skin I love the hot cloth one and then maybe introduce a scrub and treatment mask to suit alin


You've gotten good advice. I also would start with the balancing concentrate for the 28 day challenge and go from there and add an appropriate cleanser.

@Rose1993 Welcome to the community! I would recommend the following routine for you:

1. Calming Cream Cleanser

2. Active Treatment Tonic

3. Blackhead Clearing Scrub (3 times a week)

4. Balancing Skin Concentrate

5. Active Treatment Tonic OR Anti-Shine Base Lotion

6. Anti-Oxidant Day Cream/ProVitamin Overnight Cream

I would also recommend using the Rapid Rescue Treatment on spots, as and when they occur, and the Immediate Shine Relief on any oily patches throughout the day.

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