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Walgreens 25% off YGS products

Walgreens is having 25% off YGS products (other stuff too)

I just ordered another Balancing skin concentrate, refreshing face wash, the exfoliating scrub, instant shine relief and another lip balm.  Two of the products are new for me, so can’t wait to try them 😁


Great deal!! Thanks for sharing!!

@Sai  As if you need any of them. 😉 Thanks, sweetheart!

@Sai Great to know.  Thanks for sharing this with us 😊

@Sai thanks for sharing this i will check it out

@Sai Thank you. I should check my inventory, and stock up while it's on sale. 

@Sai , in addition, Walgreens has $3 coupons for YGS inside the store! Time to stock up!

@Sai Wow that's great. Thanks for sharing

ReneeF posted:

@Sai Thank you. I should check my inventory, and stock up while it's on sale. 

Yes definitely! I was running low on a few things too and missed the buy two get one free.

Greenfeline2004 posted:

@Sai , in addition, Walgreens has $3 coupons for YGS inside the store! Time to stock up!

That's good to know....I shopped online so missed out on that coupon ☹

Mim posted:

@Sai Wow that's great. Thanks for sharing

You're welcome @Mim

@Sai That's a great deal! Thanks for letting us know.

@Sai I wonder if they have a similar offer in Boots (UK) I'll need to check as I am running out of Balancing Skin concentrate.

@Sai I'll check just in case as I need to get some new products 😊

@ninnytendo I can't believe YGS is now online in ULTA....not sure if it's online in the UK too!

@Sai I don't think we can get ULTA in the UK but I checked on Amazon UK and they have the Balancing Skin Concentrate and SPF 30 day cream. Interesting...

@ninnytendo no way...really? I'm going check US Amazon too 😃 that's great!

@ninnytendo Yes I found it....a lot pricier then in-store though ☹

@Sai I only found 2 products and indeed pricier than in Boots (UK) but if you have Prime and you need it in 24 hours you could order it through them, I guess...

@ninnytendo that's true...still good to know it's on Amazon, thanks for mentioning it 😊

@Sai You're welcome. It was only on the off chance that I found that out.

@Sai  I received Walgreen email last week. I do not suffer with acne, but I decided to purchase the Acne Clearing Acne Treatment Tonic because it states on the label that it also unclogs congested pores and helps to combat excess oil. I've completely run out of the pore minimizing tonic so I made sure to purchase that as well. Will alternate on separate days applying the products. 👍🏽

@Bonita funny you said that! I don’t suffer from acne either, but a week ago I was getting a few spots on my chin that just wouldn’t leave, if anything they seemed to be multiplying.  I started to use the acne clearing tonic after washing my face and before my BSC and it really helped clear up my chin.  It was so gentle that I’m still using it even though I don’t really need it right now, I really like it.

@Sai .Thanks for the heads up...I got another refreshing face wash, pore minimizing tonic and BCS.

No problem @Taewow 😄 I got a few things that were running low or out too, plus a few new things I haven’t tried yet!

@Sai .Walgreens make it so easy to restock...they always have a sale...let me know how the new stuff works

Yes I agree @Taewow they have great sales! I’ll definitely let you know how the new products work out 😁

@Sai Thank you for the heads up! Always nice to find out about sales!

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