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Vote for YGS!

Hi Ladies! Please vote for the YGS Soothing Micellar Water! We are up for an award in Beauty Magazine!

You will find it in the Best New Facial Cleansing Product category! 😊 




@Bex done! Hope it wins 😁

@Bex I posted a topic about this on the 4th of October. So I know some ladies will have already voted. Hope it wins 😁

@Bex I just voted. Good luck!!!!

@Bex I voted,Bex I was so happy to see the YGS micellar water cleanser choice. It was kind of difficult to vote to;with the having to click here,there and here and there again..,😌    I just had to love my bex and the girls! 😋

Thank you for voting in the Beauty Awards 2018 with OK!

The winners will be announced at gala dinner on 26th November, hosted by Peter Andre.

For more infomation and to buy tickets please contact Oliver Blandford or Ruth Dow:

oliver.blandford@1530.com / ruth.dow@1530.com / 020 7434 1530

@Sagittarius Girls,this is where you vote,if you haven't already. Let's shout it from the rooftops about the greatness of YGS products by continuously voting for their brands everywhere.


Vote now – five of the famous Beauty Awards with OK! goody bags up for grabs

Our expert Judges have tried and tested the products and now it is your opportunity to vote for the best of the best! There are 30 categories in total – all you need to do is click on your favourite categories and tell us who is the BEST. The winners will be announced at the glittering awards ceremony at The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London on 26th November 2018, hosted by Peter Andre.

Click on the arrows next to each category, and simply place your vote:

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Best New Hair Styling Tool


Best New Hair Styling Product


Best New Hair Treatment Product


Best New Hair Care Product


Best New Female Fragrance


Best New Lip Product


Best New Eye Product


Best New Face Product


Best New Face Mask


Best New Facial Cleansing Product


<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d369c0a" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049559" /> </label></label>

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Cleanse & Foam Wash

This non-abrasive exfoliator and cleanser helps to improve elasticity levels and balance the oil within the skin, in turn reducing shine on the t-zone. This facial wash contains organic mandarin essential oil to help cure skin disorders and maintain moisture levels, and rejuvenating organic carrot oil, which contains vitamin A, renowned for repairing and resurfacing the skin.



<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d369cdd" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049560" /> </label></label>

DermaTx Clarify Salicylic Cleanser

DermaTx Clarify Salicylic Cleanser is designed for enlarged pores, blemish-prone and oily skin. It is formulated with 2% salicylic acid to detoxify and clean congested skin of impurities and excess oils, helping to control blemishes, while antibacterial tea tree oil helps prevent future breakouts. This deep-purifying cleansing gel is free from harsh chemicals, fragrance, parabens, alcohol and SLS. With daily use, skin feels clean and breakouts are visibly reduced for a clear, even complexion.



<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d369dab" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049561" /> </label></label>

Purity London Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover

This effective skin conditioning cleanser contains a blend of clever ingredients that effectively break down and gently remove the day’s grime and make-up. The softening base of aloe vera and glycerine is combined with oats, euphrasia extract, rose water and avocado oil.



<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d369e75" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049562" /> </label></label>

Beuti Skincare Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser

Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser is designed to improve skin tone and texture. Infused with fermented pomegranate, which delivers the benefits of glycolic acid without causing irritation, the gel-balm hybrid transforms into a milk upon contact with water to effectively exfoliate and buff away impurities. Rose clay and copaiba balsam work in tandem to smooth and refine skin while also soothing and protecting against inflammation, for long-lasting comfort.



<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d369f3f" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049563" /> </label></label>

YourGoodSkin Soothing Micellar Cleanser

Formulated with green tea, vitamin C and pro vitamin B5, this ultra-gentle cleanser leaves skin looking healthy and feeling soft, smooth and instantly refreshed. Micelles gently trap and lift make-up, excess oil and daily impurities without the need for rubbing or rinsing. The paraben- and fragrance-free formula is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types – even sensitive.



<label class="checkbox-inline"><label class="checkbox-inline"><input id="e5be495d36a008" name="q152738" type="radio" value="1049564" /> </label></label>

Kypwell Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam

This unique daily cleanser contains phyto saponins from shikakai, desert dates and gypsophila for a foamy cleansing and antibacterial action. The combination of phyto polyphenols and flavonoids offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The formula is enriched with herbs such as calendula, cypress, plantain, chamomile, elder, geranium and lavender, for a holistic action on the skin.




Best New Male Facial Product


Best New Facial Moisturiser


Best New Facial Skin Care Product


Best New Premium Skin Care Product


Best New Facial Skin Care Treatment Product


Best New Sun Care or Tanning Product


Best New Personal Care Product


Best New Male Grooming Product


Best New Hands & Nails Product


Best New Oral Care Product


Best New Feet & Legs Product


Best New Natural or Organic Product


Best New Health & Wellbeing Product


Best New Body Care Product


Best New Bath & Shower Product


Packaging Design of the Year 


Beauty Innovation of the Year


Classic Product of the Year


Best New Electrical Product


Best New Beauty Supplement


Best New Male Shaving Product


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Bex posted:

Hi Ladies! Please vote for the YGS Soothing Micellar Water! We are up for an award in Beauty Magazine!

You will find it in the Best New Facial Cleansing Product category! 😊 



Voted yay. Good luck!

@Bex done! I’m so excited for YGS. Hope all goes well!

@Bex @Bex I voted. There are some really interesting products listed in other categories. I'm not sure if these are available in the US, so I'm gonna research. Good luck to YGS

@Bex Done!  😊  Have a great weekend!

@Bex I received a message stating the voting has already closed. Hope it wins the award! 😃

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