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Two pumps?

Hey! I am rather new to this. Just started the concetrate 2 days ago. I was wonder if I needed to do two pumps if I can cover my whole face in just one?


For the concentrate to have full effect you better use two pumps.

@Hornek  welcome abroad to YGS collection

@Hornek The balancing skin concentrate was clinically tested using 2 pumps for full benefits.   There's times I only use one especially if I'm using some other serum along with it but I try and use two.

@Hornek Welcome to the community and I too would recommend 2 pumps for best results.

@Hornek When I was on my 28 day journey I used 2 pumps. After that I just did 1 pump and it works just the same and covers my whole face. I gotta make it last a little longer.

@Hornek I use 2 pumps. One for my forehead and the second one for my cheeks and neck. Hope you are enjoying using it, it has made a vast improvement to my skin.


We have conducted all our consumer studies advising triallists to dispense 2 pumps per use. All our claims are substantiated on the basis of those directions for use being followed.

This amount comes from our longstanding knowledge and understanding of serum use amongst our large evaluation panel.

If you want to use half the amount of balancing skin concentrate per use, we have no data to back up the effectiveness of the product as you are effectively using half the amount of actives on their face.

Well put;hence,point well taken,Bex. 🙏🏼

Yup, 2 pumps for the best results

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