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Tretinoin with your good skin

I have read that you can't use tretinoin (antiaging) with vitamin c or other acids because they cancel each other out. Is this true? May I use tretinoin under my "Your Good Skin" serum and moisturizer at night, or will they cancel each other out? My "Your Good Skin"  products have vitamin c and other ascorbic acid.


Hi @Cajonesrn  I'm not too sure but YGS skin care doesn't focus on antiaging but on balancing the skin back to its natural health.  Although some products may have vitamin C that you mentiomed , I would suggest you ask @bex to be sure.  This is a good question and I will look into this for more info and fyi. 

@Cajonesrn  here is a link with more info


This is back quick summary as to what it says;

Can Vitamin C and tretinoin be used together? Yes, but not at the same time. When used in the right order, Vitamin C during the day and tretinoin at night before bedtime, they magnify the benefits of each other. ... Topical Vitamin Conly works if it can be absorbed into the skin.

@Cajonesrn I think you should reach out to Bex. She would be more qualified to answer that question. 

@Cajonesrn Interesting question. I really don't know so I will keep an eye on this thread to find out as well 😊

@Cajonesrn Don't really know about that. Interested to find out the answer. You probably should check with @Bex

@Cajonesrn I haven’t heard of this ingredient before so am unable to answer your question am afraid although am intrigued what this product is and what it does as haven’t heard of it before 

@Cajonesrn Tretinoin, is used for treating comedones and inflammatory lesions in mild to moderate acne and for patients with leukemia. We recommend to consult with your GP/Dermatologist before using any product while undergoing treatment.

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