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I’ve never heard of anyone doing that @Pica flor maybe @Bex could help answer that one 😊

@Pica flor  sorry I'm not sure. .im not sure it has an expiry date.. It should last for quite some time though

I don’t see why you can’t @Pica flor I did a little research and found that a lot of beauty experts keep certain makeup/skincare items refrigerated.  Apparently, the low temps supercharge the shrinking of pores, so I would say...go for it!

@Sai  good info..  It sound interesting enough.. I wonder does it let your products last longer. .by refrigeration

I don’t know about that @Taewow you would think so right.  My products usually finish before expiration anyway, so I might never find out! 

The reason why I was wondering about keeping the toner in the refrigerator was that I live on an island and it gets hot , inside so I wonder if the toner work better being cold I think, I’m sure it will feel good lol🌹

@Pica flor in that case, I would probably put it in the refrigerator too! As well as working to shrink pores, it will help you feel cool and fresh.

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