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tomorrow last day

This was 26 days ago


This is now

I decided to keep using them. Since i started my skin looks healthier. Not because helped me to avoid the acne, now my skin is very smooth, no more greasy and not even dry, also i love use them before make-up.

About the rest of the stains, well, i couldn't get a miracle!! My skin just need a bit of Sun.

However ladies i'm very happy for the results. What about you?   


@Annalisa De Michele  Your skin looks great, I can see a difference between your day one and now.  Even with the stains you mentioned from probably past acne, your skin tone looks much more even and smoother.  Are you only using the balancing skin concentrate or are you also using the acne targeted products?

@Sai  Thank you!!!

I'm using balancing skin concentrate, day cream and night cream, and since 3 weeks i'm using the rapid rescue tratment as well.  

I'm so glad!!!!

@Annalisa De Michele You're welcome! I would recommend using one of the YGS exfoliating scrubs also, it really helps with texture and smoothness of the acne prone areas.  I'm hoping to try one of the exfoliating scrubs too, I don't have acne but my son does get it and always uses an exfoliating scrub.

@Annalisa De Michele You look beautiful!!! So happy to see this work! As you said, everything takes time, but I can definitely guarantee and agree with @Sai that your skin looks so much more awake and smooth!! Congratulations on not only completing the challenge, but on achieving such wonderful results!! 

Great results - good for you.

@Temporarily_insane_4eva here she is! about your before and after pics but it looks like she only used the BSC not acne range, sorry!

Sai posted:

@Temporarily_insane_4eva here she is! about your before and after pics but it looks like she only used the BSC not acne range, sorry!

I think this is the picture I found, because it was the other side of her face she wanted to see some of the same side. 

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