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Thank you for my prize

just to say many thanks for my oil lifting wipes and hot cloth cleanser which was one of my raffle prizes from a while ago which has just arrived. It has really made my day as have had a rubbish few weeks due to anniversary of my best friends passing and permanent migraines and my neighbour has just knocked to bring my parcel as they kindly took it in for me and it has really brought a smile to my face and was brilliant timing as I have ran out of both of these products which I love. 

Thank you so much bex and to all the other lovely ladies on here. This is such a lovely and supportive community. 


Yay! Glad you finally got them @helenrachel123 and they brightened up your day after a stressful few weeks 😊

@helenrachel123 sorry for all you've been going through. The anniversary of a loved one's passing is almost as hard as when they died. Glad YGS could bring a little sunshine to your day

I'm glad to hear you have received your prize and I hope you enjoy it. I still have to try the hot cloth cleanser. I am still waiting to receive my June prize and I hope it will turn up soon as well. Fingers crossed x

@Sai thank you so much for your kind words. When my neighbour brought my post across I was surprised as had forgotten all about my win 

@ninnytendo hope your prize arrives soon too. I think you will love the hot cloth and won’t be disappointed it is lovely and comes with two fabulous cloths


@helenrachel123  that was nice of your neighbor and I hope you feel better... Sorry for the loss of your best friend

@Sai  I couldn't agree with you more😀😀

@Sai I totally agree it is more than just a place to talk about skincare it is a proper community full of genuine and supportive ladies 

@helenrachel123 I received my September raffle prize today and I am extremely happy. The June prize never arrived so I was losing faith but receiving this one has lifted my mood. I currently have a horrible cold and as I have been feeling a bit off lately this has cheered me up and made my week. Thank you xx

@ninnytendo I am glad your prize came and cheered you up! I hope you will be feeling better soon!

@helenrachel123 I think we appreciate things more when they’re unexpected. 😉 ...Wait,I said that wrong. You know what I mean. 😋

@Sagittariushelenrachel123 I’m fine,sweety;thank you for asking and caring. And my weekend was...unusually boring. Like I said before,”I need to get out more “. And without my shadow. 😆

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