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Thank you

Hi Happy new year ladies I just discovered your products today as I went into Boots 

I ran out of face cream and was going to buy my usual sanctuary face cream but I saw your products and thought I’d try it I’m so glad I did thank you your hot face cloth and cream and day cream is so nice 

my skin feels amazing 

Thank you x 



Hi @Coco glad you decided to try a few Yourgoodskin products.  I would also suggest you try the balancing skin concentrate, you’ll be amazed at the results  

@Coco So happy to hear this! What results have you seen so far?

@Coco I am glad you discovered the YGS products! Let us know the results. You could start the 28 day challenge with the concentrate. It is a good way to let your skin get used to the new skin care routine.

@Coco Glad you came across YGS products. Keep us in the loop with your journey on YGS. You will love the end results 

@Coco The products are great aren’t they? Hope you keep us posted as you go along with this new journey!

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