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Testing the waters...

Hi!!. This is my first post and I am looking for some guidance.  I am Mindy, 54 y/o, and have had a crappy complexion most of my life.  My question is, do I need to post my skin story and someone will guide me as to what products I should use for my skin care regimen???  I don’t know how to know what I should be using  in regards to my skin issues.

Many thanks for the help!!!


@Mindy  Hello and welcome to the community. ..most of us here started with the Balancing Skin Concentrate and started our 28day challenge.. There is a reminder app that helps you along in your journey.   Anything else we just post and ask questions like you already have done.  If you are still unsure you can reach out to @Bex,  our community manager.  There are a wide range of products for every skin type so just ask away and I'm sure everyone will help. .good luck on your 28day journey😀

Hi @Mindy and welcome to the community. I agree with @Taewows recommendation of starting with the balancing skin concentrate and doing the 28 day challenge. What are your skin concerns?

@Sai  thanks .. I actually forgot to ask@Mindy  what her skin concerns were.. Good question😀😀

@Mindy Hi, welcome to the community. You've already received good advice so I won't repeat it.

I had acne as a teenager and though I don’t have pimple type breakouts, I have a lot of milia I believe it’s callled.  It is very deep and I can’t seem to get rid of it.  I feel I paid my dues as a teenager and would just like my face to clear up!!!!

I would definitely recommend you go with the balancing skin concentrate for the 28 day challenge @Mindy then once you have done that there’s many products to add into your routine. One of the scrubs like the blackhead scrub would be beneficial for you, you would use it once or twice a week.  

Eventually your routine would look like this -

AM -face wash or a cleanser, balancing skin concentrate, day cream 

PM-face wash or a cleanser, balancing skin concentrate and night cream.

face scrubs can be used once or twice a week and there are also toners and acne fighting products that you could incorporate into your routine as needed.  Hope that helps.

@Mindy What’s,”Milia”,honey? ...sounds militant. 🙁 Please elaborate,for my spouse has been suffering from acne since his teens also. So, I know how you feel. And even though he has used every product on the market for acne resolution,it seemed to worsen. Hence,my question to you;what is that? Please don’t be embarrassed nor ashamed;we’re not here for that. 

@Sai Sai,honey,doesn’t YGS have any acne products for girls like Mindy? I mean,your recommendations hit the mark,yet maybe she needs a little bit of the acne wash to start slowly... Oh,never mind,I’m an idiot;and finished my bookkeeping in one hour and with 4 hrs left to do nothing but get on your nerves. 🤪 PS I love you too.

@Sagittarius she mentioned that she used to have pimples, milia are white bumps under the skin.  I have some around the creases of my nose and chin sometimes, that's why I suggested a scrub.  I'm not sure if the acne products will clear it up or not....maybe @Bex would know better.

@Sai “I told you I was an idiot “.🥴 But thank you for educating me nonetheless.

No don’t say that @Sagittarius 🙁 We are all learning on here 😊

@Mindy Welcome to the community! Like others already said most women here started with the Balancing Skin Concentrate for the 28 day challenge. After that you can start using the other products. You can always ask @Bex about which products would be great for your skin. They all are great but I would start with the concentrate! 

@Sagittarius  Hi!! Milia is like white heads but it is really deep.  You can attempt to squeeze it like a pimple but you won’t get anything out because it is so deep.  I don’t need drying acne products, I think those make it worse.  Also, face scrubs aren’t effective because it is so deep and not superficial on the skin.  I have used scrubs from cheap at Walgreens to Este Lauder products and they don’t touch it.

@Mindy Awww,Min?! Milia is probably the worse type of acne problem;just like an ingrown pimple. Hard to get at and sometimes smelly. My spouse also had that.and it developed into a Cyst behind his ear! It’s his fault though,because he picked on his pimples..,a lot,and he even got scars from that. I don’t want to frighten you,honey.., but maybe I should. Min,I once came across an ad where they were selling an acne extractor whereby it’s a device that has a strong suction power and it’s supposed to suck your pimple’s pus right out,so you’ won’t have to. I forgot the name;but it was an ad whilst playing,” Words with Friends“. I know,I know.., but desperate times call for.., We’re all trying to help you,sweety,because you’re trying to help yourself. I bet you’re simply gorgeous. You keep trying cause you’re still young. And something will come along that works. 🥰. ...Sheesh,”I wrote a novel”!

@Sai hello I’m on my 14 day and see a huge change in my face . My most troubled spots seem to be improving.I do notice my nose is very shiny ? What can I do and should I buy the acne cream I have some concern about white heads pimples like on my chin and around my nose 

thank you 🌹

Me to who can help me with an answer I don’t think I’m doing the texting thing correctly I still read post about the voting for the products I’m not seeing new conversation Help 🤔😊

@Pica flor I believe the voting is over,honey. And your texting is fine! What’s the matter? You could always ask "Bex”;our representative. 

Hi @Pica flor if the shininess is only on the nose I would try the immediate shine relief, it works pretty well. 

Have you tried using a scrub for the white bumps, I would suggest the blackhead scrub once or twice a week and if you are not using a toner yet, there is a acne calming cleanser that might help.  

@Bex if you have a better suggestion please let Pica know, thx!

@Sagittarius @Sai @Pica flor @Mindy I found a little info on the causes of Milla, .. ... ... ..  .  ... .

Image result for what causes milia on face
Image result for what causes milia on face
Image result for what causes milia on face
Image result for what causes milia on face
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Milia are small, bump-like cysts found under the skin. ... They form when skin flakes or keratin, a protein, become trapped under the skin. Milia most often appear on the face, commonly around the eyelids and cheeks, though they can occur anywhereanywhere. 
It also said they will go away so I highly recommend the regime that   @Saimention along with a good scrub like the YES ones. 

@Taewow good info 😊 I’ve never had the white bumps under my eyes look like that thankfully, mine are hardly noticeable.  Yes, I’ve heard they can go away eventually! 

@Sai good. .. These are images off the internet so they probably used the ones they are more visable.  It's good to know that they can go away.  It said open the pores and use a scrub just like you mentioned 👍

Ladies thank you so very much for all the response. I have purchased and have been using all the products except the acne cream which I will buy this week. i am  happy with my skin these days . I will wash my face open up my pores with warm water and use my scrub and continue with my regiment. I’ve already introduced YGS to two of my friends they have been following my progress (seeing is believing) and trust me this product works . 🌹

@Pica flor  The immediate shine relief will probably a good solution for your skin and I love the blackhead clearing scrub. It is very gentle on the skin but great for removing blackhead and other impurities!

@Pica flor You Go,Girl!!!  We wouldn’t bragg about the effectiveness of YGS products if it weren’t true,flor. 😉 Take some before and after pictures,if you can,sweetheart.

You're welcome @Pica flor so glad you're seeing amazing results so far.  

Taewow posted:

@Sai good. .. These are images off the internet so they probably used the ones they are more visable.  It's good to know that they can go away.  It said open the pores and use a scrub just like you mentioned 👍

You’re probably right! Thanks for taking the time to find out about it and sharing it with us 😊

I will post some pictures soon I have some from day one , their not to good but I did capture my skin and I compare them to my  now, and Wow!  I’m waiting for the 28 days .🌹

@Pica flor  that's good news.. I'm happy to heat that you love the products

I was wondering does anyone have any suggestions for a makeup line that is compatible with our YGS I only want a foundation and blush do not use a lot of makeup,but now that my face is clearing would like to try something new,after my 28 days . Thank you

@Sagittarius  I’m telling my friends,only because they are so good, I’ve been down this road before with other lines of products , won’t mention names , but from Red Doors on down lol and at 67 I must say this one really works. Tomorrow I take 2 friends to buy theirs. They have seen my results up and personal daily, ❤️

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