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Surgery Scars

Hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been away forever, but I needed to have major surgery that made things difficult for a while. The nerves that go to my hand were covered in scar tissue that was causing major problems. Long story short, I lost a rib, two neck muscles, and the use of my arm for a bit. It’s been 4 weeks now, and I’m back to doing some of the things I’ve been missing! Does anyone have any tips for reducing scars? I’m going to try some silicone strips, but I thought it would be a good place to ask!


@Puglove88 wow what a lot to go through, best wishes on your recovery. Re scar tissue, I used Bio Oil for mine, you have to use it frequently throughout the day, a little goes a long way, for weeks, and it definitely works,. Good luck x

@Puglove88 Oh. Wow,hon?! I’m sorry.., But I’ll tell you one thing,”you still look better than I do”! 😉 There’s lots of products for scars on the market,sweety. Did you not ask your surgeon for a remedy about the scarring? You’ll be fine because the worst is over,and it’s better to heal naturally. 

Try Mebo, i used this by doctor recomendation when i was pregnant. It works in scars even in wet scars .I know that is from India but you can did it in Amazon and Ebay 

I hope you recover soon, I’m sure the worst is over for you .🙏

@Puglove88 So sorry to hear this. Hope your recovery goes well. I agree with those who mention Bio Oil-although I have only used it for small scars. Good luck and feel better

@Puglove88  I hope that everything turns out well and wish you to continue to have a good recovery.  Your skin looks healthy and I'm sure that if you properly care for the scars with a scar treatment then you will have successful results. Good old cocoa butter and as @Sai would recommend,  bio oil.  Hope this helps. 

@Pica flor Thank you. The worst is definitely over, but I still have a lot of physical therapy to do. I do get to return to work next week! 

@Sagittarius Thank you. I’m not too worried about the scars as I have plenty others, but it is nice to see what has worked well for others. Overall, the experience of surgery was far easier than the pain I dealt with before, and I’m so happy to look toward brighter things!

@Puglove88 “That’s the spirit,honey“! And always remember this,”Nothing is done to us,it’s done for us”. 💕 “Godspeed”..,

Oh @Puglove88 You’ve been through so much, wishing you the very best! 

I would definitely keep up the silicone strips, they are very helpful! I would also recommend Bio oil like some of the other ladies have mentioned.  From my own experience and some of my close family members experience I’m a believer in the stuff! Good luck and hope you fully recover 😊

@Puglove88 Hopefully you will recover soon! I have use Bio oil for my scars and it always helped me heal faster and the scars look better and less red.

@Puglove88 hope your recovering well. I swear by bio oil for scars. I have used it after an op and it really did help you have to use it every day though f

@Hendrika Thank you! They are red right now. I tend to have dark scars, so hopefully I can start now that I’m over a month out.

@helenrachel123 Thank you. I’m hoping I can use the silicone strips for a few weeks and then the bio oil. I will report back in a few weeks!

@Puglove88 I agree with our fellow members, Bio Oil works wonders. I cut my hand about year ago and after it healed it left an ugly scar, my pharmacists recommended Bio Oil and it was pricey but definitely worth it. Now I only have slight mark from that cut. Hope you're doing better, best wishes!

What is Bio oil I’ve never heard of it , will it help with old scars?🌹

@Puglove88 I'm so sorry to hear this, sounds like you have been through a lot! I really do wish you a speedy recovery and make sure to rest lots and look after yourself x

@Bex Thank you so much! I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon or recovery! I’m happy to be doing the things I’ve missed.

Pica flor posted:

What is Bio oil I’ve never heard of it , will it help with old scars?🌹

Its an oil for scars and stretch marks.  It’s better for the new scars, but I’m sure over time it would help slightly fade old ones too! I’ve used it for almost 20 years.

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