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Skincare as a gift

Hi Ladies!

How are you all doing?

I have started doing some Christmas shopping this week and it has got me wondering, would you buy skincare as a gift?

Have you ever bought skincare as a gift for someone in the past? If so, who was it for? What did you buy them?

If you wouldn't buy skincare as a gift, why not? What are your reasons for this?

Would love to know your thoughts on this one! x


I bought in the past for a friend of mine anti aging kits, she loved it. I would like to receive if it’s the brand i like or if it’s in my wishlist 🤣

@Bex  I am good, thanks for asking! How are you?

I have started shopping too! FInally, I am getting ahead of the game.  I always have amazon cash, so started getting gifts there last month & am stocking up!

I have bought skincare for others, in fact one of the things I like to make for gifts is baskets, and I include skin care items, goodies & more.  I have done face creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps & more.  

In fact I got my mom a face cream from Vichy last year and she loves it.  This year, I am going to introduce her to the Your Good Skin brand!

@Bex I know that my mom has often complained of early wrinkles so I have gotten her some wrinkle minimizing products and she always loves it. Also I have a friend who adores a certain acne prevention kit from Clinique and so it’s very easy to shop for her on special occasions! I really only buy skincare products for people if they clearly express a need.

@Bex I have given skincare. Usually a facewash or a mask—something like that. I love receiving skincare products. So many of them have festive packaging or a free gift with purchase that makes it even more fun to give. Plus sometimes I will put together a basket and you can put products in there. I love receiving those too! Usually full of surprises.

@Bex I would if I know the person I am going to give it to really needs it and will use the products. 

@Bex I do buy skin care products as gifts, but only when I know exactly what that person uses.  There are so many options and every one has different skin needs.  One feature that seems to please most people is fragrance free skin products.

@Bex I’ve never bought skincare as a gift for anyone except I think my mother in law because she usually tells me her skin concerns, so I know what she needs.  I would really have to know what brands and products someone used before buying them skincare products and if I even did it would probably be a gift set not individual pieces.  I would most likely buy the skincare products for myself or let my husband or kids know I want that as my gift on a special occasion.

@Bex I have purchased some skincare items for my older brother, he has always complained about his dark circles under his eyes. But he, himself was to timid to go into a Sephora or something like that to find a product for his issue. I bought him the Clinque " All About Eyes" product and he's been using it ever since. I am also considering buying my mom some skincare items this Christmas for her wrinkles. I believe skincare items as a gift is a great way for people to experiment with products and if they love it then great! and if they don't, at least it wasn't their money spent and they would know what didn't work out for them. Some people are so used to their routine but still have skin concerns, but don't want to spend that little extra. This is why skincare items as a gift can go a long way! 😊 

@Bex I have started some Christmas shopping too. I do love to shop for beauty and skin care products as gifts. I have bought skin care gift sets for my mom, my friend and my mother-in-law. I know what they like and I know that they won't buy a gift set for themselves so it is fun to pamper them.

@Bex I'm doing great. How have you been? I remember purchasing lotion and body wash as a gift set for my mom and and a few other family members. I've never bought facial skincare as a gift, but I would consider if I already knew the person would be happy to use it. 

@Bex  yes I have YGS to mom and she liked it...she still buys iit... she likes the BSC and day and night creams. I will consider giving skin care as gifts because you can bundle them and they are conveniently priced (YGS brand)

@Sai I prefer purchasing gift sets also. 

@Bex i have given skincare as a gift before when my mother was alive I used to buy her the products she used.

This year i do plan on buying YGS for my mother in law this will be the only way she would try it she does not use skincare now and you can tell so i am hoping it will get her into a skincare routine. She has always said she does not think it works that is why she does not buy skincare but i know YGS will prove her wrong.

Is YGS going to come out with gift sets for Christmas? I think that would be great.

@Bulldog I like the idea of gift sets too. Often people don't know what to buy someone but when they see a set already wrapped and packaged they tend to buy it.

@Bex skincare would be a great gift to give. I mean I think it's essential to take care of skin every day and who wouldn't like receiving a skin care product/service as a gift? I know I would love!


I don't recall buying any skincare gift at least recently for anyone. 

@Bex yes, I would definitely purchase skin care items for gift giving.  I am going to make my mother and sister gift baskets filled with YGS products that I have tried and liked, not to mention had good results with. I think this will make the perfect gift and they will love it as much a I do. 

Bonita posted:

@Sai I prefer purchasing gift sets also. 

I like getting them too 😁

@Bex I wouldn't mind buying skincare products for someone if they expressed a desire to have them and were specific as to what they wanted. I wouldn't mind receiving them as a gift as long as the person knew exactly what I wanted.

@Bex I don't buy skin care product as a gift because everyone has their own skincare preference and regimen plus they know their skin better than anyone else.

@Bex I have bought things like body lotions and oils as gifts for friends and family, but never anti-aging products.  I feel like those are really personal and you would have to know a lot about a person's skin and their needs and/or wants.  If you did know that stuff, then go for it!  I love to try new products, so I do like the receive these sorts of gifts.

Thanks for your reply @monica.ellis 😊 How did you decide on getting her some anti-aging skincare? 

@Bex  Hi, I have 4 sisters, lots of nieces and obviously female friends so yes often  buy skincare items as gifts at Xmas. Usually something special like a serum or hot cloth cleanser or mask as these are sometimes the treats you can’t always buy for yourself when you have a young family. Plus it’s nice to let them try new products and brands.

@Bex I have 3 older sisters,hence,I'm the baby at 58. All 3 of them are absolutely gorgeous. I'm emphasizing this because I'm so uncertain that anti-aging products are as effective as is the theory that they are necessary;especially as gifts where some may hold offense to that  At any rate,when growing up,I've never known them to even utilize cosmetics. I've told them about YGS products recently,as a raving lunatic,they uttered under their breath,but then I figure,"we can lead a horse to water.., 

@Bex I always buy skincare as a gift for my mum and aunt. I sometimes also give them body butters or skincare bundles from Body Shop. This Christmas I will include the YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate in their Christmas bundle after they both commented how nice my skin looked and that I had fewer fine lines. i will also gift them a face cream, but I'm still undecided which one.

Hi @Bex and Ladies!

I'm doing great!

The only way I would buy facial skincare products as a gift is if the recipient requested it or wanted it. Like maybe they said it out loud or something. Unless it was more of a Moisturizing Cream or Something because it could come off as an insult. Like if it's for acne or wrinkles or something.

I don't usually go this route because of that. I believe one time when I bought my sister a set of one of her favorite Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds perfume sets it had a facial skincare product in it. And one of my sister's is a facial/body skincare fan so I might buy her something like that because she probably wouldn't get insuled but I usually steer clear of this area for presents.

But Body skincare is different. People don't usually get insulted with Body Lotion but more disappointed if they didn't request it,unless it's fragranced. Most girls and women love it fragranced!


@Bex I buy skincare, haircare and cosmetics for gifts all the time. The last year I gave my sister and daughter in law YGS products-Skin Balancing Concentrate, Night Cream, Exfoliating Cleanser, Refreshing Face Wash. My daughter in law loves Philosophy products-they work but are so expensive. She liked YGS but still prefers Philosophy MicroDermabrasion Cleanser. My sister loves anything YGS.

@Bex I have bought bath set with shower gel,soap before for a gift. but I have not bought anyone skin care products in a while.  

Hi @Bex and ladies 😊

Personally you know who to buy skin products for, my mum has really bad skin and flares up a lot, she trusts and uses her facial cream that suits her. I’d buy that cream for her. 

Although if no skin conditions I’d feel comfortable buying skin care, it can be quite expensive so be a nice gift for someone. 😊 

@Bulldog I used to buy my mother the skincare and fragrance products she liked when she was alive. I miss that. My 98 year old mother in law is too far in dementia for it to be worth it-although I have to say her aides at the assisted living center where she lives always apply a little blush and lipstick on her. It reminds us of the way she used to be-always impeccably dressed and age appropriate makeup

@teachpetch  I am sorry about your mother in law my mom died or Alzheimer’s and had it for about 12 years it is the worst disease i have ever seen and it is so hard on the family. 

@Bulldog @teachpetch Alzheimer's is such an aweful disease. My father has it and it is just terrible to see him getting worse and just knowing how he was and what is left of him. The whole process is so draining for himself and for my mom and the rest of the family. It is nice of the assisted living center to make your mom in law look nice and treat her with respect.

@Bex I think its a great idea, last year I gave both my sister $25 Walgreens gift cards to get the YGS products that they wanted. They complemented me often on my skin changes that I thought it would make the perfect gift and I was right! They have been users ever since!

@Hendrika this disease is horrible beyond belief. Watching a person you love slip away. Our thoughts are with you, your mom and your family. My MIL is at a great facility, and that is a huge relief for us

@Bulldog sorry about your mom. I hope a cure or at least a way to slow the disease progression is found in our lifetime


@Bex I have bought my mum and friend no7 skincare before as I knew which products they liked. I think sometimes it is hard to buy things like that as gifts as don’t always know the persons brand preferences or skin type 

I have bought skin care & been given it as a gift. Both myself & sister in law used to use Liz Earle so we got each other gift sets at Christmas. Please do a YourGood Skin gift set as I would buy it for myself  😁!! Thanks

Hi @chellester I am really good thank you! Yay to us being so organised haha! How do you decide on which skincare items to buy for different people?

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