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Skin routine

Can I use acne clearing products with the skin boosting concentrate ? What would be a good am and night routine ? Also what exfoliant shpuld I use and how often ? 


I wear make up daily shpuld I use wipes or micellar water to remove befire using acne cleanser  


Hi @Jmm1017 I would definitely suggest you use the balancing skin concentrate with the acne clearing products.  What products are you using? If it’s acne clearing that you are looking for, I would add in the black head scrub twice a week. 

Also you could use the wipes or micellar before you use the cleanser to remove makeup, either one would be fine.

@Jmm1017 I would use the acne clearing products from YGS and I can really recommend the blackhead clearing scrub. It deep cleans your pores but is very gentle for your skin. I usually use wipes for taking off my makeup but you can't go wrong with the micellar water either.

@Jmm1017 Can you please let me know what your skin type and skin concerns are? x

Update . My clarisonic brush head destroyed my skin and now everything burns it 😟 im oilly type but my skin is now raw.

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