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Skin care for hands

hi ladies, recently had an injury to my hand, my hand is chapped and peeling , my hand is also two different.

is there anything I can put on it to stop peeling? Right now I can’t use my fingers, so doctor said that is why is is peeling.


Hi @Rockergirl so sorry to hear about your injury, hope it gets better soon.  The only thing I can think of is good old Vaseline, that’s something almost everyone has around the house.  Also the YGS instant dryness rescue is great for extra dry skin, I used to use it on my  face and hands.

I never thought about Vaseline, great idea.  I will also try YGS instant dryness rescue. Anything will be a blessing to get this under control.

@Rockergirl  I agree with @Sai  Vasiline is a good moisture based product and I would not have thought of the YGS instance dryness rescue but that's a good idea too...hope your hand heals and you feel better

@Rockergirl I am using Gold Bond hand lotion and it really helps with dry hands and doesn't feel sticky at all. Another good hand cream is O'Keeffe's working hands. I put it on at night before sleeping and wake up with very soft and hydrated hands. Hope these will work for your skin too!

Rockergirl posted:

I never thought about Vaseline, great idea.  I will also try YGS instant dryness rescue. Anything will be a blessing to get this under control.

Hope it helps 😊

@Hendrika  yes, I agree with you O'Keeffe's working hands would be a good first option, but if all else fails, maybe ask your pharmacist for advice on something more intensive that might help, good luck.

@Rockergirl it might sound crazy but applying vaseline to your hands before going to sleep might help. I've done it before in winter and it left my fingers very hydrated and smooth. You can wear thin cotton gloves if you're worried your bedsheets might get dirty.

I hope you find the right product for you.

@Rockergirl  I got a sample of Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray and it is actually pretty good at moisturizing. I suggest it because it is a spray so you don't have to disturbe your injured hand with a lot of vigerous rubbing.

@Taewow I got one of those samples too.....good idea since it’s a spray, not much rubbing involved.

@Sai I tried it yesterday after I washed my hands and it worked well...it's not watery and actually smooth 

@Taewow you’re right it’s not watery at all, I’ve tried it once.....not sure where I’ve put it though.  Might work well for @Rockergirl

@Sai  I totally agree....I actually like it myself

“PinchMe“ has got some new samples going out since Tuesday! Go get yours,ladies!  Oh,and so does,”Sample Source “! 😊 “Whatsh “?!

@Sagittarius  I got a bar of natural soap and a non aluminum deodorant coming from PINCHME for Tuesday's samples and I'll try sample source too...hey you should try joining he TryIt sampling program by Condenast....they are supposed to give full sized samples..I am receiving a Prada Candy Perfume soon...I hope it is full sized..if it is then that's a great sampling program

@Taewow I’ve got the same samples coming 😄

@Sai  Really..that's cool.....have you joined the TryIt sample program?

@Taewow no I haven’t yet, I’ll take a look at it and sign up, thanks 😊

@Rockergirl Oh,sweetheart,if you’re hands are dry due to injury,then my hands look just plain injured! Nails and all too. My nails have white lines on them;as if I’m being poisoned. 😅 Your nails look healthy at least. Have you tried,”Kiehl’s”? It’s a little more effective than “Gold Bond’s“. That worked wonders on my dry elbows and knees 

@Sai  good....it's a small survey to tell them what you like then they will send products that match you

@Sai  make sure it's from Condenast..they have several TryIt programs..some are closed but they will put you on he list if you ask them to

@Taewow We gotta love ya! 😉 “That’s right,get yours “! I love to try before buying.” It’s only fair,right? This is the reason I love YGS;they’re hip to that and this is why they will succeed. ...And public opinion,of course. 

@Sagittarius  You are on point my lady...so make sure you get yours too..matter of fact take some for us all cause you are just that fiierce enough to do so...you make my day😁 

@Taewow Hee Hee. ...I love you too sweetheart. Thanks for sharing the TryIt sampling site! I’m getting there,girlfriend.

@Sagittarius I assure you my hand looks bad, no I never tried Keils haven’t heard of this one before.

I wouldn't recommend anything if I have not used it myself,or if it had no remarkable effects on my dry *epidermis. And I use that word instead of skin because the moisturizer,"kiehls" has a penetrating/healing that goes past our first layer;that of which you need,sweetheart. Godspeed,Rockergirl

@Rockergirl I would suggest Aquaphor also. I've used the ointment for years. During the harsh winters I apply it at bedtime and then put a pair of thick socks on my hands. I'd be interested to try the spray recommended by @Taewow.

@ReneeF  this is my first product from Aquaphor and it pretty good. I got it as a sample from the PINCHME sampling website..they give samples away every Tuesday on a first come basis

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