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Sample Products

Hi everyone, I just found a website that is supposed to let you sample a variety of products for free with no surveys.  It's called TrySpree. com I just joined today so I will see how it goes.  There is an Olay Sample pack on there too that I requested.  It has 3 items in it.  A sample of the Olay eye serum,  face wipes and the Olay Whip in reginerist.  Happy  sample hunting  everyone. 


@Taewow Thank you,Taewow! I’ll go check it out after my Dom P finishes. 😉🍸

@Sagittarius  ok great.  There seems to be a little something for everyone.  

From what I can see this website just grabs all the current samples. Last I checked I think the olay bundle offer was done with. I might be wrong but I recall you had to sign up for their newsletter or something of that nature. I think I'm going to sign up to see what it's about. Thanks. 

Will take a look at it @Taewow thanks for sharing!

@Taewow thank you for sharing. I'll have a look and see if I can order the samples too 😊

@Taewow thanks. Will definitely check it out.

Amazing, thanks for sharing @Taewow 😊

@vanessa6297  you are right,  that what I meant by something for every one and most of the samples are supposed to be sent to you just by clicking the Try spree button although some samples want to redirect you to their web page to sign up.  I signed up over the Christmas holiday and am waiting to see what goodies show up.  That one drawback is that most samples take a little while to come like pinchme so I always seem to forget 

@Taewow It looks great! I´ve requested the Olay samples... I hope I get them 😊

@ninnytendo Me too.  I got an email saying they will be on their way but may take a while. ..something like that any way I hope they come soon.  I can't wait to try them

@Taewow I expect it might take a month or so but it will be a great surprise if/when it gets here 😊

@ninnytendo  I know.  I read in Allure that the Olay wipes help prepare your face for the application of serums better than the average face wipes... There was more info but it started turning in to blah blah blah😀

@ninnytendo  I seen them advertised in a commercial and they looked nice.  Pretty big too.  I already have them in my Amazon cart saved for later if I like them then I will purchase them

@Taewow Never heard of that one, thanks for sharing, going to check it out.

@helenrachel123  I'm not sure. . They ask for your address and then you submit the info.  I'll double check for you

@helenrachel123  I could not tell but I do have this website for the UK freebiefinder.co.uk  they have a lot of samples and winnings exclusi6for the UK region

@Taewow From what I saw it must fill out the request form using auto fill. To be honest it's easier just to sign up for a site like Freebie shark or i crave freebies because they send out emails with sample requests. This website does as well but I wonder if you'll end up with a lot of junk mail. I think i tried this site once and didn't find it worth while. Most times if the items are big draws by the time you see the sample request the samples are gone. But good luck. 

@vanessa6297  thanks for the info.  It's new to me too so I just tried it out.  I only selected certain items because junk mail was on my mind too.  I'll try the ones you mentioned as well 👍👍👍

Girls,”Try the site called,”Sample Source”. They’re really good samples and you get to pick which items you want from lots of them! They send out samples about every 4 or 5 months. You only have to give feedback on the products you’ve tried. Takes 5 minutes of our time,at best. I like Sample Source. I really do because they send out new products that are not yet on the market,and sometimes they send the actual size and not s little bitty one that when you open it,there’s nothing but crumbs or fumes left. 🙄 I like the site that SSai referred to us,called,”PinchMe”? They are also authentic;good products and easy to give feedback.

@Sagittarius   I have done pinchme also and I will check out sample source too.. .thanks for the info. . I love freebies 😀

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