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Hi ladies! Happy Friday - hope you have all had a good week 😊

This is the forth of our skin conditions discussions - if you suffer from rosacea, we would love it if you could answer the below questions so that we can understand it more.

How many of you suffer from rosacea?  What do you do to keep your skin condition under control?

Where do you get your information/advice regarding rosacea? What information are you looking for?

What is the most frustrating thing about your skin condition?

If you could have anything, what would help you most with your rosacea?


I’m fortunate enough that’s I do not suffer from rosacea.  Hopefully something  can be found or formulated to eliminate all skin issues that affect so many people. 

@Bex I know little about this condition, I don't know anyone that suffers from it.  I do know that many babies would develop rosacea and it caused red patches on the skin.

@Bex Good Morning! I am very thankful I do not have rosacea! My excema is bad enough! 

@Bex Luckily I don't suffer from this skin condition. 

Hi @Bex I dont suffer from rosacea thankfully!

@Bex I don't have rosacea. I do have a very pink skin coloring in my face however. But I know rosacea is more than just a redness in your face. I don't know anyone who has it so don't know that much about the treatments, etc.

I do not have rosacea and do not know anyone who does 

@Bex I do not suffer from any affliction of the skin,save for fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. ...(Dear God,”Why give us a taste of the good life and allow us to age?) But I could just imagine the frustration and ridicule sufferers of such may endure. And I think the worst part is trying to eradicate it. I mean imagine the multitude of products they have to buy;the cost of such remedies if they are not effective,and the low self esteem that would also bring. Given the materialisticness of  the millennium world view that most people have succumb to or adopted as their own,the sufferers may feel intimidated and unloved.., Bex,I have to say this in conclusion,”I love mankind;it’s people I can’t stand “. 😋

@Bex I have been diagnosed with a mild form of rosacea.  Thank goodness for it being mild!  My cheeks, nose and chin are always red no matter what I do.  I find that high doses of vitamin C lotions really make it more red, and that not getting enough sleep does it as well.  I try to find items that keep my skin hydrated as this seems to lessen the redness a bit, but not so hydrated as to make my T-zone turn into an oil slick, as it does with my combo skin.  I'm always on the lookout to see if there is anything that might lessen the redness, and I have tried a few night creams that claim to be "redness reducing" but have not found them to be effective.  What's most frustrating is when I get a flare up and people are like, OH! Sunburn! or Geez, why is your face so red?!  So annoying.  I even had a guy one day sing as he walked by me "Rudolph the red nosed white girl..."  Gee, thanks.  What would help the most would be something that would either make it go away (not going to happen) or something other than foundation to cover it up; I hate foundation BTW, it make me want to itch my skin off.  I do use a color correcting formula from Pixie that works to lessen it a bit, but that can cause little whiteheads to pop up, so I really only use it on bad days.  I feel like a powder would work best for me if it covered it up b/c it would also soak up excess oils.  Any powder suggestions would be highly welcomed!!  😊

@Bex I had rosacea years ago (about 10 or so) and I went to the dermatologist to have it checked out. I was prescribed a cream (I think it was called Elidel) and I used it a couple of times a day. It worked really well but as soon as I stopped using it the condition got worse until it actually went away on its own. I really think work and stressed made it flare up.

@Bex No Bex I do not suffer from this Rosacea.

@Bex  sorry I do not suffer from this skin issue but am interested as to what will be said.  These skin discussions have been quite interesting. 

@Bex I do not suffer from Rosacea. I hope this community is able to offer some help and advice to those who do.

@Bex I suffer with rosacea and I used to use a leading brand of alpine plant cleanser and moisturiser and spent a fortune on redness and spot cream and as that didn’t work then blemish cover up and green powder nothing worked and I accepted it didn’t work

BUT then I discovered YGS and what a difference.  atm the I have slight redness and a couple of spots which due to the weather conditions in the UK.


@Amy31 People can be cruel,Amy. They forget that beauty comes from within.Thank goodness you have a great disposition and a sense of humor. Good luck,precious.

@Bex I have started suffering from it well I think that’s what it is as cheeks and across nose are red which gets worse if I use products like alpha H or those containing hydrochlonic acid. I try and cover up the redness with concealer and heavier foundation when it is bad. 

@helenrachel123 Sometimes it’s best to do nothing;especially if we do not know what it is we have. (Our bodies have a tendency to heal itself) And just make sure that the concealer or foundation you do use,on bad days,are of natural substances.

@Sagittarius thank you for your kind words. I have been using boots No7’s foundation. Do you know of any natural or non clogging ones without chemicals etc 

@Bex I don't suffer from rosacea, but I have a friend who does. She really struggles with it at times.

@helenrachel123 Oh,sweetheart,I cannot assist you there because I don’t put anything on my face(because I don’t suffer from any skin affliction). But if I ever do need something,and I find a great product for concealing or a foundation,you’ll be the first to know,precious. 💋 Ask some of the other girls,like Amy..,hon. We are all here together to help one another. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone in your quest.

helenrachel123 posted:

@Sagittarius thank you for your kind words. I have been using boots No7’s foundation. Do you know of any natural or non clogging ones without chemicals etc 

Try the sample matching service that the more expensive brands offer, you may find one that suits your skin better and you can get quite a few uses out of a sample x

@Sarah Merrett Thank You,Sarah! I sure hope helenrachel123 reads your post to me. Would you know of any named brands for her to look for specifically,hon?

I like Estée Lauder and YSL both offer a sanple service, I find it’s worth going to a Dee department stores as each assistant gives you varying shades depending on light.

@Sarah Merrett Thank You,Sarah! Did you read Sarah’s post helenrachel123 ? There you have your answer,sweety. I just love all you girls on here. ...I really really do. Good luck to all of us,even if we don’t have any facial skin flaws. 💋

@Sagittarius just seen Sarah’s post thank you I agree everyone here is so so helpful and willing to help each other. It feels like a proper little community 

You will be amazed in the different shades you get given from diffrent therapists within the same brand x

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