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Sagittarius posted:

@Taewow Hello,my love! I always try to make some form of resolve when a new year rears it’s beautiful head. And this year I will attempt to reduce my love for “vaping “. If you’ don’t know what that is exactly,it’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes. I’ve been smoking e-cigarettes for 5 years already and I’m feeling better from my having refrained from ingesting tobacco. I can breathe again! The major reason I want to quit is because I’ve recently found out that the vaping is not all that much healthier than traditional cigarettes;especially if the eliquid contains nicotine. It’s like I’m replacing one addiction with another. That’s my goal,Taewow. In a nutshell,I will set my standards high so as to stop all addictive behavior because I’m in control of me;lest any man boast. 😉  And he’s another one I’m about to quit! 😋 PS Good luck to everyone because if you can comtemplate it,it’s a first step in the right direction.  And slow and steady wins the race.  

I hope you are successful! I used to smoke a lot too (and yes it was the thought of wrinkles that persuaded me, so GO VANITY! 😂 ), but went cold turkey 8 years ago and I've never looked back since. I won't lie and say I no longer feel the urge to light up (especially when stressed), but it does get easier the longer you stay off nicotine. 👍

@Taewow I never make any end of year resolutions. I prefer to set myself aims throughout the year and celebrate the achievement of small goals.

@ninnytendo  I see that is what a lot of people do and I lokenthe idea of goals instead of a yearly resolution nevertheless it's still fun to talk about😀

@Taewow That is an excellent resolution.  I have several and I hope I can keep some of them.  Pray more, eat less right

@mariebow thx and I love that "pray more and eat less" I can definitely try that😀

@Bex Bex what are some examples of vegan foods and I mean what kind of dishes do you prepare or buy.

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