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Anyone make a New Year's Resolution or does any of you think of them as obsolete.?  Fire in here with your thoughts. Me personally,  my resolutions always turn out to be the same thing,  getting healthier,  stay to my routines,  be a better mom and wife.. I do this every year.  I was telling myself today that I'm gonna stick to my squats regiment.. .ha!!! We will see how that goes.  Let us know how you all are feeling about your resolutions or not having one.  I would love to hear about it😀🤣


I do not make New Years resolutions . I used to but felt bad when i did not keep them all so now i make smaller goals like a week or a month and i feel more positive that way

I want to buy a truck this year, it would be extremely helpful in the snow where I live and carrying cargo throughout the year.

@Taewow Used to make resolutions. Now I call them goals. My biggest goal this year is to understand investing. I have no idea what it is all about but by golly this year I am going to figure it out! May have to take a class!

@Bulldog  that's a good idea.  Maybe that will work for me too

@poppit82  that's a great resolution and a useful one too.  I hope you get it because yes,  snow can be a hassle

@kelceyryder ohhh. .. I like that one..  Never thought about me learning the ins and outs.  My hubby does some investing and it works well for us.  He tries to explain but I never pay full attention.  This year I will make it my goal too😀

@Taewow My resolutions are pretty standard like doing what I need to do to be healthier. I want to eat better and start a walking program.

That's simple enough@nancym46  and seems like a goal you can accomplish.  Good luck😀

@kelceyryder "goals" is a good name instead of "resolutions."  Goals seems to be more flexible and without a time frame. I wish I had paid attention to investing more this year. 2018 started out wonderfully, but the last few months I have lost almost 40% in the stock market. I checked my accounts today because we might need a new AC unit and nearly fell off my chair when I saw how much I had lost. I hope it picks up in 2019

@teachpetch Ouch! I kind of understand the stock market but mutual funds and annuities leave me wondering what everyone is talking about.

I don't set resolutions because I know I won't keep them.

I’m going try and exercise more and eat healthier @Taewow I hope I can keep it up! 

@teachpetch I agree with the term goal and I'm hoping for the market to be better in 2019 also

@kelceyryder  Ha! same here that's why Nintendo to leave that to my husband.  It goes in one ear and out the other unfortunately

@Sai  I'm with you on that. .i want to do a squat challenge

@Taewow Good topic. Well my resolution is to stop making resolutions I can’t keep and stick to prayers to help me keep my resolution one day. 😉

@Taewow I like to say my resolution is to be healthier and not use the word diet. My problem is making it to the end of the year. I get pretty discouraged when I can't see results. 

@Taewow Hello,my love! I always try to make some form of resolve when a new year rears it’s beautiful head. And this year I will attempt to reduce my love for “vaping “. If you’ don’t know what that is exactly,it’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes. I’ve been smoking e-cigarettes for 5 years already and I’m feeling better from my having refrained from ingesting tobacco. I can breathe again! The major reason I want to quit is because I’ve recently found out that the vaping is not all that much healthier than traditional cigarettes;especially if the eliquid contains nicotine. It’s like I’m replacing one addiction with another. That’s my goal,Taewow. In a nutshell,I will set my standards high so as to stop all addictive behavior because I’m in control of me;lest any man boast. 😉  And he’s another one I’m about to quit! 😋 PS Good luck to everyone because if you can comtemplate it,it’s a first step in the right direction.  And slow and steady wins the race.  

@Taewow Great topic! I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions but I am doing Veganuary! If I find it okay then I am going to try and keep it going for the rest of the year 😊

@Mim  that's a good one and why I asked this question because it is really hard to keep a resolution for me also

@ReneeF  I am like that too... I always say exercise and eat properly but I tend to give up because I do not see results either. .. I really think that is going to happen in my squats challenge too😏

@Sagittarius well stated ending advice.  I know a little about vaping and always knew that a lot of the companies still used nicotine in their cape solution.  I'm happy that you are going to find a way to stop.  I'll be in the bleacher seats routine you on so that you finish that race.  First or last everyone is a winner in this case.  Good luck my friend.  If anyone can do it,  it's you. 

@Bex Veganuary??  I'm assuming that means you are going vegan for the whole month of January?  That is a good way to eat healthier and cleanse your body.  I like that one.  I love veggies and do not think that I can give up cheese and certain meats that are seasoned to perfection.  I never was a big meat eater because I am picky about the flavors but nevertheless I do like it.  I hope you complete your resolution.  This seems like a lifestyle change also and I love the idea. 

@Taewow Yes exactly! I have been vegetarian since I was 12 but trying to go the extra step for this month! I have found it a bit of a struggle already haha, you have to check everything before eating it! 

@Bex  I know,  my kids always joke with me and said that if I HAD to then it would be easy for me to become vegan and I think they are right but I am always around meat.  Everyone here loves my husbands grilling me included.  I also love seafood and gotta have my eggs for baked goods.  Ugh. ... I'm just too greedy for sweets.   .i do prefer them over meat though. I mainly keep meat in my diet because of the protein too

@Taewow Thank you for those encouraging words,taewow. But you continue to flatter me undeservingly so because as I was writing that prior post,I was vaping! It’s become an almost permanent fixture in my hand,tae! Yes,I know there are worst things we can be addicted to. But given my age of 59,I always seem to get into the trendiest of new things that I know nothing about;just because it looks cool. Is that the way a 50 year old should act? Perhaps it’s a middle age crisis,or a form of exhibitionism?...I just thought of a new resolution;or should I call it solution?..,turn back the hands of time for everyone over 30 and without them knowing about it. It’s our state of mind that will be altered ... Oh boy,my thoughts are becoming scattered. I need to stop self medicating once again! 😂 Why are you lovey doves even still reading this?😛  ...I love you’ too.

@Sagittarius I'm smiling over here and I'll take the wrinkles too.  You are a very strong woman and I can tell by your thoughtful and I rightful posts,  thus I do believe that you can stop vaping.. .mind over matter.. .i know it's hard because I'm in a fit about this chocolate I keep shoving into my mouth.  I know it's no good for my teeth yet I keep eating and eating 🍫🍫🍫🍫. We all have a monster to fight but we will always win because we created it.  My monster is tricky.. It doesn't let me faint the weight from the chocolate but I found out that I got a small cavity from listening to that monster.. I got it filled though but had more chocolate after the fact.  See how it works. ..  Horrible isn't it so I understand.  I could try sugar free chocolate but where is the fun in that 😀🤣🤣🤣

@Taewow I don't really make resolutions because they are usually hard to keep but my goal is to be more patient me with my kids and go to bed earlier. 

@Hendrika  that's a good one.  I always try to be more patient.  Thank you

@Taewow over the years, I have stopped making them. I can try to better up when I am in the moment, and that moment could be any time of the year. 

Hmmm, I'm not good with new year resolutions so I prefer to try out new lifestyle changes during Lent instead. It's only a few weeks, so it's easier to stick to and less overwhelming. If it works, I continue after Lent. If not, at least I did it for a short period of time. 😀

Doing something a bit different this year though...I did a gratitude journal listing the top 10 things that make me happy - https://cocoonuk.blog/2018/12/...at-bring-joy-to-life - and so instead of making any ambitious promises to myself (which always fail), I have just resolved to do one thing, and that is to be thankful for the good that is already in my life. 😊

@Naffy786  that's a good point.  We shouldn't need one time of year to try to do better or accomplish goals

@Ruiyyanko  Oh that's beautiful and seems like a motto to live by.. I like it and will add that to my daily life and family.  Thank you for this😀

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