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Recommended scrub

Hi everyone!! 

I have been using the balancing skin concentrate, the anti-oxidant day cream, the pro-vitamin overnight cream and the refreshing facial wash. 

I just was wondering if there are any of the other products that I should now introduce into my regime? I do have some blackheads on my nose.

Any recommendations would be gratefully accepted!




Hi @HeatherJane  I'm using the same products as you and have just ordered myself the exfoliating face wash.  For blackheads I would recommend the blackhead face scrub.

Thanks @Sai! I will maybe go be it a go first and see how I get on with it!! I don’t have many blackheads but they are there!

@HeatherJane I know what you mean! I have some, but since using the YGS you can hardly see them.  I wanted to try the exfoliating wash for that reason! If you do get the scrub let me know how it works for you, maybe I'll try that next 😊

@Sai I will do!!i have found such a difference with my skin since using the range and now I’m trying to work out if I should start introducing other products from it to my skin. A scrub or exfoliating wash being one.

@HeatherJane Sounds great! I'm trying to do the same thing.  Glad your seeing great results and good luck with whichever products you decide to use 😉

So happy to hear you have been enjoying the products! A scrub would be a great idea @HeatherJane - what is your skin type?

@Bex I would say it would be oily/combination. Though since I started using the concentration cream it hasn’t been as oily 

I recommend the scrub, it’s gentle for everyday use if needed and also the lip balm is really good 😊 

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