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Raffle Prizes

Hello ladies, hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Here are the raffle prizes for November 😊

1st place prize for $100/£100 goes to...

@Sarah Merrett

2nd place prizes for $50/£50 go to...

@litlit6 @teachpetch @RubyDeLuxe

3rd place prizes for $20/£20 go to...

@Sagittarius @L @MondoTeeno @jmcbailey @Bibicool

4th place prizes for $10/£10 go to...

@DonnaB @Bonita @zeelovelyone @Arieless @avraam.maria @Kentrach @ReneeF @Amy31 @Ruiyyanko @ninnytendo

Congratulations everyone! Please let me know which products you would like, either in this discussion or via private message 😊


Congrats to all the winners 🎉

Congratulations, everybody. Well done!! 😊


@Bex  congratulations everyone😀😀

Congrats to all the winners

Congratulations to all the winners

@Bex Wow - thank you!!!  Congrats everyone  😊

Congrats to all the lucky winners!

@Bex Thank You,Bex! It’s just that each time I read these raffle winnings,my eyes swell with tears. And I can’t decipher the reason. ...Is it because I’ve come to love Bex so much throughout our journey or knowing how very much deserving you girls are?  “Good for you,Sarah!” 👍🏽And my congratulations to us winners,because there’s nothing to ever lose on Your Good Skin;save for elasticity. 😉

Congratulations winners!

Congrats everyone! Hope the year is going well everyone so far! 😘

Wow thank you so much, had a really bad week last week, losing my beloved pet, now I’ve got a lovely prize to look forward too xx

@Bex congrats all! Enjoy. Still waiting for mine from Aug/Sept lol. 

@Bex Wow. Thank you! 💜 Congrats to all the winners!! 😃

@Naffy786 I'm still waiting for mine from the most recent raffle drawing.😊

@Ruiyyanko Thanks! The New Year is going well for me. Hope the same for you and all the ladies on this community. 🙂

Bonita posted:

@Ruiyyanko Thanks! The New Year is going well for me. Hope the same for you and all the ladies on this community. 🙂

So very happy to hear that! 👍😊

@helenrachel123 Aww..,ThankYou,sweety. Such a nice compliment and,as God is my witness,I try really hard to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. Although I do understand how everyone we meet is fighting some type of battle,we all must consider that before we lose it upon them; and probably undeservingly so. Don’t get me wrong,Helen,I do have a sweet disposition,and I love mankind..,but the mouth on me would fit with the wicked witch of the west. It’s just that people see profanity as offensive,yet and still that’s what it is. A form of offense and even defense. And when I do cuss,I’m merely emphasizing my irritability. Doesn’t mean I’m prone to violence. 😉

Yay! 🎉 Congratulations to everyone!

@Bex wow! Thank you. And I was worried my participation has been down since November-with holidays, two cruises, husband with a back ache & mother in law declining (she's almost 99 and ner Dementia has gotten really bad the past few months) I haven't has as much time for the community. I am very grateful. I will send you my items in a private message

@teachpetch Sweetheart,i know that if there was anything any of us needed to speak to you about,you’d be there for us;no matter how busy you are. So,with that said,”you are truly deserving of a prize.” I only wish my mother in-law had some form of dementia in reverse,mind you. That woman remembers all the bad and forgets all the good. 😉 In this way she’d have an excuse. 😋

@helenrachel123 Hi, I'm still feeling exhausted all the time. I went to the GP and she has started me on thyroid meds but I'm not sure they are doing much. I have another blood test in April to check whether the dose is doing anything and another consultant appointment at the hospital around May. How are things with you? Is work any better? My work is still stressful but the managers seem to have eased a little bit, thank goodness. 

@ninnytendo am sorry to hear your still feeling unwell I hope the thyroid meds start to kick in soon. It’s still very stressful this end and working a lot of extra hours got a 14 hour day tomorrow as have parents evening. Am counting down to half term though. Am trying to reduce stress with yoga and nice baths and trying to read more again. 

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