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Product range

Hi all, I have been using my blackhead cleanser, brightening cleanser and cream cleansers for a while now and really love the products. They are very effective without being harsh on the skin like some other cleansers I have tried in the past, I would definitely like to try more from your range. What other products would everyone recommend me trying next?


@Carolannewhitton@live.co.uk the bot cloth cleanser is lovely and I also recommend tbr concentrate if you haven’t used that I like to use the overnight cream after it on an evening to as it makes my skin look less tired. Lobelynto see you on here. Hope your well 

@Carolannewhitton@live.co.uk I really like the hot cloth cleanser and the pore tonic and the mask. Very gentle on the skin but really purifying! I would also recommend the concentrate. It makes your skin feel so soft and look radiant!

I would definitely suggest you try the balancing skin concentrate @Carolannewhitton@live.co.uk if you haven’t used it yet! If you love the cleansers, you’ll absolutely love the BSC!

@Carolannewhitton@live.co.uk I think any of the products  you will fall in love with. I cannot say there is one I don’t like. Haven’t tried them all yet, but hoping to eventually!💕

Thanks for your replies the hot cloth cleanser is the cream one I have sorry I couldn’t remember the name of that one. Ok so the pore tonic the concentrate and the night cream are going on my list then. Thanks again everyone. Xx

@Carolannewhitton@live.co.uk are you using the pore minimiser toner, I love that and the lip balm. In fact I loved it all so much I have bought one of everything so I recommend Day and night cream with the concentrate and I bought my creams in October and they are still going strong. But I have replacements ready to use.

@Bex I have combination skin so at the minute I have some dry skin on my cheeks as I used a clay mask to unclog my pores as I get an oily t zone. 😩

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