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Personal request

I hope this is ok to post if not I won’t be offended if the post is taken down. Our family has had some awful news, my lovely niece has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we are all now pulling together to make her as comfortable and happy as we can while we can. My request is a call out please, if any of the US members have any movie industry contacts we would like to try and get her a signed picture with a personal message from Bruce Willis, I would be happy to pay and sort out postage costs as needed. He has always been a favourite of hers and this would help to make her smile. Also any prayers for her comfort would be appreciated and for her young sons. Thanks, Donna


@DonnaB i have a friend in Hawaii that is a producer i will see if he has any way of connecting to Bruce Willis . Maybe you can get ahold of him on Twitter .

@Bulldog many thanks any help gratefully received, I have put a note up on Twitter, but no luck so far , I am just trying all ways I can think of to do this for her and thought maybe this site may be able to offer assistance x 

My thoughts and prayers are with your niece, her sons and your whole family @DonnaB sending you lots of love and prayers through this tough time!  Hope you’re able to get some help with the personal message.

Sending prayers to you and your niece, i hope your request becomes a reality.

@DonnaB Wishing you and your family all the best as you struggle with this. Wish I knew some celebrities but I don’t. I hope that it works out for you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.🙏

@kelceyryder thank you that is really appreciated I am a great believer in the power of prayer x

@DonnaB I am so sorry to hear of the sad news! Prayers to your family and I hope that her request will granted. Maybe you can get in contact with his daughter Rumer Willis on social media. 

@DonnaB Sending lots of prayer to you and your family.🤦

@DonnaB I am so sorry to hear this...there are just no words, but I really hope someone is able to help you with this. Not a frequent user of twitter myself, but can imagine celebrities are often inundated by messages so it's easy for yours to get lost in the feed...perhaps if more people tweet with the same post, it might get his attention, or one of his connections might notice. Have you also tried reddit? I have heard that help from that community can sometimes be quite far-reaching.

@Ruiyyanko  thank you , I have not heard of reddit so will check that out, any idea is really helpful x

@DonnaB Prayers to your Neice and her family.  I wish I knew someone, but as others mentioned maybe a call out on social media.  Hospital social workers might be able to help as well, that is how my son got his Make a Wish as well as other anonymous gifts.   

@Shell5 many thanks, that is also a good idea, I will see if they can help, really appreciate the kind words x

@DonnaB I am sorry I can't do much, I wish I could. But she is in my prayer, may God heal her, may there be a miracle. 

@DonnaB  I am so sorry to hear this.  Sending my prayers and hopefully her wish comes true. 

@DonnaB I'm so sorry to hear this - sending my thoughts to you and your family. I hope you manage to reach him x

@Bex  many thanks, no luck so far but I am still trying x appreciate your kind words x

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