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Perfect Post-Cold Treatment

Hey lovelies! So, for the last week I've been suffering with the classic cold; sore throat, coughing and sneezing. This left my poor nose all red and dry from all the tissues. However, I've managed to combat this dryness by using the Instant Dryness Rescue. It's the perfect post-cold treatment! Have any of you tried using this post-cold? 


Hi @Alex Howe Hoe you’re feeling better! Looks like the weather there has got you all sick 🤒

No I’ve never tried this post cold, but now that you’ve suggested it, I’ll definitely try it. Thank you

It's great that you've found the solution to your post-cold dilemma! Thanks for this, Alex!

Have you needed to use it @Bex I know you said you'd been sick too 😉

Hey @Sai I'm feeling much better now, thank you Yeah it's been quite chilly in the UK recently and I ran a 10k the other weekend which probably didn't help! 

Fingers crossed that you don't catch one, but if you were to, this product will really help relieve your skin! 

@Alex Howe That’s great! Congrats on running your 10K 🎉 Where did you run? Was it for charity?

The weather is still pretty warm where I am, but you can be sure as it begins to change sickness will follow.  Thanks for the great tip Alex 😊 

@Sai Thank you! It was at Wollaton Park in Nottingham, it's a beautiful deer park around Wollaton Hall (also known as Batman's house) Yeah I ran for the charity Movember. 

Ah that's lucky! Keep wrapped up warm if the temperature does drop!

No worries  

@Alex Howe Oh Wow! Thats cool, never been to Nottingham...I lived in Berkshire county.  Sounds like a great place to run 🏃🏻‍♀️ glad you had a good time.

Thank you, will do 🧣

@Alex Howe Glad you found a solution using the Instant Dryness Rescue. Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing.

@Alex Howe Sounds like something we will all need during or after a cold! Than you! 💕

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