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Not received product.

Hi I was accepted onto the 28 day challenge few weeks ago and still haven’t received any products. Anyone else? I did my pre challenge selfie and have been receiving weekly emails as if I was taking part. Just had one today saying I’m in the final week!! Oh and even had an invite to a photo shoot in london! Which obviously I couldn’t go to as I hadn’t even participated yet. I have emailed the company just wondering if anyone else was in the same situation. Thankyou. 


I am in the exact same position! Been getting all the email saying which week we are on and what we should be doing, but had no product at all. Was looking forward to trying this challenge as well.

@Kim Holt @Shazmala  Hope you both get your products soon! Maybe @Bex our community manager could look into what happened to them!

@Shazmala It took me a while before I receive my product also, I hope you get yours soon.

@Sai I would also suggest asking Bex. Great advice @Sai. 

@Kim Holt it takes alittle bit for them to arrive dont worry they will be there soon and remember the holidays to so a lot of shipping was going on plus there also were days there was no shipping alos so it will come and you will love it it is worth the wait 

@Bex hi. I sent an email to the zyper address and then I was invited to join so supplied all my details.  Had to do a pre selfie on Instagram and send the link. 

@Shazmala I will contact Zyper about this 😊

@Bex thankyou. I emailed them on the 31st but had no reply as yet. 

@Shazmala @Bex  I got the same email about being accepted, I did my pre-photo, changed all my info on Facebook and Instagram, and even emailed the company, who wrote back to me and said they would send out the products, but that was a LONG time ago and have not gotten anything...

@Shazmala I hope you get your products soon. I received an email stating that my products were definitely shipped out on October 25th, but I have not yet received them. I emailed Zyper and was told there were massive delays with US deliveries and they would resend package in January.  I've been waiting a long time. 

@Amy31 I will contact Zyper! Sorry about that 😟

@Amy31 I did my pre-photo as instructed also and included the link in my Bio. When did you get accepted? I'm looking forward to spreading the word about YourGoodSkin.

@Bonita @Bex     October 25th!!!  That's a long time to wait for products.......

@Bex Not your fault at all, don't be sorry!  Thank you for reaching out to them. 

@Amy31 Agreed. They have my correct address. They told me to contact my postal carrier, but they would need need a tracking number. Were your products shipped out from warehouse in October also? 

@Bex I agree with Amy. It's not your fault. ☺ I appreciate everything you are doing. I realize you have enough on your plate managing this online community. 💜

@Bonita No, that's when I was accepted.  I re-contacted them on December 2nd, and Lulu had me resend the confirmation email that I got back in October, and then she said she would post the products soon.  I realize it was then the holidays, so I am not sure when to expect anything.  Did they tell you yours were sent out?  @Bex

I was accepted on Oct. 25th also and Lulu informed me that the package was shipped out on the same exact day. Not sure if it went to the wrong address. Hopefully, we will get them soon. 🤷🏾

@Bonita The same has happened to me! Let's hope the products will arrive soon.

@Shazmala I’ve been waiting about 4/5 weeks for mine..just would like to know if we are getting them to try or not 

@Bex could you contact them about mine as well please just so I know if I should be waiting for it or not


@Bonita @Bev Sorry ladies - I will contact them for you!

Hi. I have received my products today!!! They look amazing. Just wondering how I go about feedback now mean as I had already been receiving the ‘you are 1 week in...... you have no finished the 28 day challenge’ emails? Xx 

Hi @Shazmala Happy to hear you got your products 😁

I would suggest you private message our community manager @Bex, she is going to have to reset those email notifications for you.  You just click on her name next to her profile pic and send private message or if you see the message Bex on the left of your screen under her you can click that too.

@Shazmala You’re welcome and good luck with your products 😉 Let us know how you get on!

I got mine this weekend too!! Will start it this week, having been struck down with flu!

@Kim Holt Get well soon! Hope you enjoy using the products 😊

Welcome to the community ladies and hope you like your products


@Kim Holt Yay! So happy to hear that you finally got your products! Please do keep us updated and get well soon! 😊

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