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Nonenal- That “Old man’ smell “.

I’m 58 years old and beginning to notice this familiar odor on my person. I’ve purchased  everything under the sun to be rid of it with no positive,nor permanent results. Any suggestions,ladies? Now,don’t be embarrassed like me. It doesn’t mean you’re getting old,it’s a normal procession..,but of what cruelty,I do not know. 😋 What I do know is the fact that we’ll all get it at some point in life.


not sure if I can help with this one @Sagittarius I use a body wash, Dove deodorant/antiperspirant, body sprays (occasionally) and my perfume, I shower every second day so I dont have any issues like what you described.  Sometimes things like garlic and onion, if eaten a lot can cause unwanted odors through sweat, but I dont think that's probably your problem.

@Sagittarius if you find that after washing you still continue to notice the odor then I would suggest you see your doctor or Gynecologist. Hope you find your answer.

@Sagittarius I don't have this problem with body odor but I take a shower every day and use body wash, body lotion and Secret deodorant. I really recommend the Secret deodorant/deodorizer. It works great for those odors from sweating etc. and keeps you fresh for a long period of time.

Oh wow..,Is that all you' have for me? If I didn't know most of you on here,nor loved you all to pieces,I would have been highly offended by your responses. It has nothing to do with hygiene. If anything,I have an obsessive compulsion with cleanliness. It's ok...you's don't understand what nonenal is exactly. It's more of an outward seaping/secretion of bodily oils that are no longer needed for the body to fully function. The older we are,the longer it takes to subside. But it's supposed occur when we're 60 +. I suggest you all read up on it now,before it hits home. Because it will. Even men get it. And no,I don't wish that on anyone. Especially any of you classy ladies on here. I still love you'. PS fragrances do not mask it;yet only to be made worse.

@Sagittarius I have noticed this odor on my husband. But I just thought it was his odor. It gets into all his shirts and just stays there. I thought it was because he keeps his shirts for so long. Never heard the term before. Sure I must have it too. I will do some more reading. Looks like the Japanese have a persimmon body wash that is supposed to help. This secretion is an oil so harder to get rid of.

Sorry @Sagittarius ☹ told you I didn't think I could help, I dont know much about it. I have about 20 years to do my research on it before I need to start worrying!

Apology accepted. As I said before,I still love you' all. I just wanted constructive criticism,if befitting at best;some advice from the older girls.., But then again,it's not a hygiene issue with me,as I'm sure it isn't with most women,hon. Fact of the matter is,we cater to ourselves abundantly .That's why I was taken aback by the responses. And I'm no slouch in that area. But you didn't know about that yet,sweety. Yet here you are the first to apologize.  ...I love you,Sai. 😅 You're a decent human being. Please stay that way.

Maybe from certain foods?

@kelceyryder Thanks for that,sweetheart. It's mostly on my arms though. Maybe I shop too much at thrift shops. Lol..,😉 PS I've bought the Japanese soap. It was a temporary fix,though;doesn't last all day.. Expensive too. Burrr..,

@poppit82 Perhaps it could be...Yet I've even changed my diet,and I have eaten everything on the menu. And still smell like an old man! 😂 We girls can't have that ! It's inappropriate,i tell ya.😋 Thank you,poppit.

Thanks @Sagittarius 😊 if I hear any tips or info to help, I'll be sure to let you know.

@Sagittarius  hi this is a new one on me, never heard of this condition. I am 60 myself with 4 older sisters and none of us is aware of this condition but will now keep a check on ourselves going forwards. Hope you find a solution x if you do let us all know x

@DonnaB Consider yourselves lucky,Donna,because I do not wish that odor secretion on no one. Not even an enemy! All I know about,"Nonenal",is that it's an elderly issue,but usually found on our counterparts:that being men. And although there are temporary fixes,it is part of our aging process,and cannot be avoided nor prevented.  PS: Your 4 older sisters wouldn't lie to you,would they,Donna? 😉

@Sagittarius. Wow, this is a serious subject that I was not aware of...thanks for the information and I will look into thin for future purposes

@kelceyryder @Sagittarius .I found this product...it ranges about $30 but it is said to work. It has Japanese persimmon too...hope it helps and I'm saving this link for myself and Hubble also.

Thanks for the information. It's something I will look into as I'm 59 and coming up on the magic number (60).

@Sagittarius Hi. Thanks for explaining what nonenal is. I like to learn new things once in a while,well,new to me. 

I would suggest ingesting something from the inside out. Have you tried natural oils? Like some natural essential oils are non toxic and for internal usage. If it's something like Lavender,Orange,etc. it might seep outward from the glands and then that will be your natural scent. 

@kelceyryder my husband has the same smell. I was perplexed about what it was because he is very good about showering and using deodorant. Thank you for the explanation

@Hannah What a wonderful sounding solution,Hannah! But I just hope,that if I do ingest the essential oils,it won't make the odor worse,Hon. And lately,thus far,it's been subsidizing somewhat. It's probably a symptom of coming into age,and once it's acknowledged,it dissipates. Wishful thinking,huh?  I remember wishing the same thing during menstruation...and it did stop. 😉

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