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Newbie day 2

Hi ladies I'm 51 years old and have always had good skin. That is  until now. I changed my skincare at Christmas having been given a gift. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but my skin started to dry up on my chin, and around my nose. Flaky raw skin. Which brought me to Your Good Skin. I've purchased the hot cloth cleanser, the skin serum, and day cream. I've been using the products and am on day 2. I have been putting Vaseline around my nose for the last 2 days as everything I tried to use made my skin inflamed. The rest of my skin I have used YourGoodSkin with no problems. So if anyone has any other ideas, I am going to take it day by day. I feel lucky to have found this skincare and also a wonderful community of ladies to help along the way😆


@Jaynie8  hi, really sorry to hear this, it is hard to suffer from skin ailments when you are not normally used to experiencing them.  Those are all good first items to start with especially the serum, but do be careful when starting any new regimen . Ask Bex and she should be able to advise better how to proceed. Good luck x

@Jaynie8 Welcome to the community. It looks like you're on the right track with YGS products. I would start with the 28 day challenge of the Balancing Concentrate to see how it goes then introduce the other products after that. keep us in the loop and tell us how its going.

@Jaynie8 The day cream has sunscreen in it and that has bothered some people. Maybe stop using that and see what happens. 

I agree @kelceyryder the day cream with spf has caused issues for some, maybe you could stop the day cream and see if that helps @Jaynie8.  Let us know how you get on 😊

@Jaynie8 Welcome to the community. Some of the ladies had a bad reaction to the day cream with the spf in it. Maybe you could start with the 28 day challenge with the balancing concentrate first and see how your skin reacts to the change of skin care products. After that you can start implementing the other products one by one so you will know how your skin will react to each product. Good luck and let us know how it will go!

@Jaynie8 Welcome,Jaynie! Oh,you’ll like it here. And I like the fact that you’re very detail oriented. You keep up that persona and you’ll get all the help and advice you’ll need. The girls are all great and pull no stops;whether that’s helpful or not,you can take it as the truth. And that’s what’s important. Good luck,sweetheart. And remember,”beauty is skin deep first and foremost.” 😉

@Jaynie8 welcome to the community and good luck with the products. Have you tried the dry skin rescue that might help 

Hi ladies I can't thank you all enough for the warm welcome, and the advice I've been given by some of you. I took your advice and just used the balancing concentrate. Just in the space of 24hours, my skin looks so much better already, it's amazing. My skin is soft, smooth and my lines don't seem to look as bad. So I'm on day 3 and loving YGS! 😁

@Jaynie8 am so pleased your liking the concentrate and seeing results. The overnight cream is nice to use after it on an evening 

@kelceyryder Me too,Kelce. Especially when the girls are young and coming up. They need advice too so that they can retain their youth.

@Jaynie8 I am glad you are using the concentrate and already are seeing results! You will love it! Keep us posted!

@Jaynie8 sorry to hear about your usually great skin causing you problems, someone here can help you.

@Jaynie8 welcome to the command I see that you have already gotten sound advice and happy b to hear that your skin has improved

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