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New YGS video!


@Bex i like the video and how it has real women in it that are relateable 

Great video @Bex everyday women like us using YourGoodSkin, exactly what this brand is about.  

@Bex Real people doing real things and using YGS products in their real lives!! I think everyone can relate to that.

@Bex  Nice video, shows that the YGS product is for everyday women! Love it!

@Bex down to earth and a video I can relate to. Well done!

@Bex I love the video it was wonderful.

@Bex I love that the advert used real women going about their daily lives. Easy to relate to. .Well done YGS!.😀

I love this video! It has real women in it who are relatable!

I love the video, its relate-able.

@Bex  the video is amazing...the people are very belivabbel..love it ....I liked and subscribed

The video was very down to earth and easy to relate to. I liked it very much

@Bex  Very neat and well put together! I love the diversity of women shown in the video.💜 This resonates well with me. 

@Bex Looks great.   I love that you use "real" people!  That always makes products so much more appealing to me.

@Bex It is awesome. I love that it has real people in it. Makes it more human.

@Bex Love it! I really like that we get to see 3 real women (not celebrities or models) talking about their daily life and routines and how YGS fits in them. It has a good positive message at the end too, so I can relate to it and it makes me want to find out more.

@Bex Ooh, I love the video Bex. so refreshing to say real women !

@Bex absolutely love this video! I like that it's short and the products are actually shown clearly too. 

@Bex Great advertising with everyday women! I like how it showed various busy women making time in their schedules to take care of their skin. I do wish someone would have mentioned more of the awesome qualities this line has.

@Bex I like that all of the women featured in the video looked natural and seemed genuine. Not a lot of (if any) make up applied so I could actually see their "Good Skin"

Why cover up the results. It's great. There was also women on the different color spectrum. Not just one skin tone so we could see that the product was for different types of people.

It was a good simple,to the point ad. It reminded me of the Your Good Skin line as a whole.

@Bex so nice that these are women we can relate to. No disrespect to models airbrushed to perfection, but this video shows what real women look like. Wish the dog walker/nanny lived near us-we are looking for a new dog walker!! If she can handle 18 kids she can handle our one dog!

@Bex love the video. I love that it is a realistic one showing real women that is relatable and believable 

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