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New to the place

hi I’m FatmaMina  I seen lot of reviews on YourGoodSkin   So I thought let me try it, my skin is dry  and I don’t do much about it so I was looking for something good for my skin to start taking care of myself so let’s start it..


Hi @Mina Ali welcome to the community 😊 I would definitely suggest you start with the balancing skin concentrate and do the 28 day challenge.  Once your skin gets used to that you can slowly introduce other products into your routine like the refreshing face wash, day cream,  night cream and hot cloth cleanser..theres so many to choose from!  Good luck.

Thank you @sai I’ll start it tomorrow  hopefully 

You're welcome @Mina Ali let us know how it goes 😊

@Mina Ali Welcome to the community! I would start with the concentrate. It is an amazing product and will be good for your dry skin. The face washes, scrubs and day and night cream are all gentle and hydrating!

@Mina Ali You have beautiful skin. Like others have mentioned start with the Balancing Skin Concentrate and then add a day cream and/or night cream. You do need to follow the concentrate with a moisturizer and the YGS day cream is a good one with sunscreen.

@Hendrike @kelceyryder thank you both ❤️ yes I got the balancing skin concentrate ,energizing facial scrub & comforting gel cleanser  believe me from first time using I feel the difference my skin feel soft I’m sure next 27 days it will amazing.. 

@Mina Ali that’s great to hear, I'm sure you’re skin will be amazing before you even finish the challenge......oh and make sure you're using a moisturizer after the concentrate

@Mina Ali welcome to the group and hope you like the products as much as me. I recommend the concentrate and the overnight cream and the hot cloth cleanser to start with then you can start adding in other things like masks and scrubs 

@Mina Ali Hi Mina. You look like you already use the YGS products. Your skin is already so nice!

@Mina Ali Welcome to the community. Looks like you have already received lots of great advice.

@Mina Ali welcome to Your Good Skin. You have lovely skin, but this line will make it even better and help with dryness

@Mina Ali  Welcome 😀 to the community.....I totally agree where the advice given...hope yoi enjoy he YGS products

Hi @Mina Ali Welcome to the community - so great to have you here! I would recommend the following routine for you:

1. Comforting Gel Cleanser

2. Balancing Skin Concentrate

3. Anti-Oxidant Day Cream/ProVitamin Overnight Cream

I would also recommend using the Instant Dryness Rescue on dry patches as and when you need it throughout the day. Hope this is helpful but please do let me know if you have any other questions!

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