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New to the group

Hi everyone, I've just joined. My husband has got me some YGS for Valentine's (requested be me) and I can't wait to get started on my skin journey. I'm 49 almost 50 and in the throws of the perimenopause, I absolutley hate my skin at the moment and have lost all confidence so am really hoping that YGS will help give my skin a much needed boost. 


Hi @Kaz49 welcome to the community and good luck with your journey 😊

@Kaz49 Welcome to the community and good luck with your products. I hope they will get you some great results! Are you going to do the 28 day challenge with the balancing concentrate?

@Hendrika, thank you. Yes I've got the balancing concentrate so am going to do the challenge. I can't start til Friday as my hubby has put them away for Valentine's. I'm going to boots tomorrow to get a few more bits so I can use all the same skin care range. 

@Kaz49 Welcome! Do the 28 day challenge with the Balance Concentrate first and get used to the routine. What other products do you have?

@kelceyryder, I've got the concentrate, spf 30 moisturiser, pore minimiser toner and refreshing cleanser x

@kelceyryder, I'm getting the mask, blackhead scrub and overnight moisturiser tomorrow xx

@Kaz49 You will be really stocked then. I have been using the mask a lot lately. 🥴

@kelceyryder, yes never had all of the same range before am very excited to see the results x

@Kaz49  welcome to the community and what a lovely gift.. .good luck on your journey 😀

@Kaz49 Welcome to the community and what a lovely husband you have there. I am fortunate to have good skin with the YGS products. I wish you also the best.

@Kaz49 Welcome - I am almost 44 and it did wonders for my skin that suddenly changed from dry/normal to overzealously oily when I turned 40.  Good luck!!

@Kaz49 Ohh what a lovely gift to get! Which products did you get?

@Bex, I got the soothing cleanser, pore minimizer toner, spf 30 moisturiser, night cream, lip balm, face mask, black head scrub and the balancing concentrate. Am on day 3 and already noticing changes. Amazing xxx


Good to hear you're already noticing changes @Kaz49 😊

@Kaz49 welcome to the community and good luck with the products. I am sure you will love them as much as we all do

@Sai, it's amazing. I've been searching for skin care products that work for me for a couple of years but non helped until now! It was only by chance i found out about YGS after reading some reviews. Im so glad i decided to try them, I'm noticing real differences. 

@Amy31, yes I've hit the perimenopause and my skin has suddenly changed. I just hate how it looks. 

@Kaz49 I know - it is so frustrating.  I went my whole life learning how to deal with my dry skin, and now after 40 years I have to re-learn how to deal with oily skin?!  And this redness!  Not being a foundation wearer, I cannot find anything that really takes the redness away.  Ah, the loveliness of being a woman  😉 

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