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New to the group

On day two of my yourgoodskin and so far my previous breakout is calming down 😊


@Safinaw2 welcome to the group and pleased to hear it’s helping. What products are you using at the moment 

@Safinaw2 Nice to have you join us. Glad to hear you are seeing results on day 2. That is awesome. What products are you currently using?

My night time routine is the

Refreshing face wash 

Active treatment tonic

Pore minimizer tonic

Balancing skin concentrate and Provitamin overnight cream.

@helenrachel123  @kelceyryder

@Safinaw2 That's a lot of products to start out with but as long as you are getting good results that's great!!

@Safinaw2 Welcome to the community. So glad you’re getting good results.

@Safinaw2 that is a good selection of products there. You might find if you just use one at a time till you are used to then that your skin will improve even more 

@Safinaw2 Welcome to the community! Which products have you been using so far?

Hello @Safinaw2 and welcome to the community. Good luck on your challenge! Remember that we've all been through it and are here to help with any questions you have. 

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