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New product revealed!

Meet the new Revitalizing Foaming Wash! 

The soft, velvet foam gently lifts away make-up, daily impurities & excess oil. From first use skin looks radiant & feels instantly refreshed.

Would love to know what you think?!


@Bex I would definitely give it a try. I don’t usually use foam face washes because I just don’t know how well they clean. I like cream or liquid that I can scrub onto my face and feel it going into my skin to lift the dirt out of the pores. I like that it leaves skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant from the first use.

@Bex yay! I love foam washes! When I was younger I always went for the washes that had beads and things to exfoliate my skin, but now that I’m older I find that the gentle foam is exactly what I need. Very exciting news!

@Bex looks like another great product and what a great new item to add to the YGS beauty line. Perfect fit!   Cant wait to try it out!  

@Bex I will definitely give this one a try, too!

@Bex Love it! I think it will sell really well. I like foamy washes. I like that it already starts out with the lather and all you do is apply it and clean your face! Can’t wait to try it! So cool!🆒🆒🆒

Yay!!! Super exciting!! I can't wait to try it!  I like that it says it is soft and gentle, I don't care for rough facial washes.  I think it would be enjoyable to use.

@Bex The velvety form of the foam thrills me,for I have dry skin. This would tell me that this face wash wouldn't overly dry the skin,but give it the cleansing power we are in search of;with a gentleness our facial skin deserves. And who doesn't appreciate a soft and radiantly refreshed face taken away from a hard day's work..,or stress? PS Sounds great for acne prone skin too!!!

That's great @Bex I had a feeling it might be a foaming wash, I saw something similar in n the No.7 line. Does it pump out foam? Cant wait to try it 😁

@Bex  hi, this looks like another good addition to the YGS range. I don’t often go for foaming washes as I assume they might be drying which is why I use the YGS gel cleanser and the hot wash cleanser at present. Might give this one a try though if it is for dry/normal complexions.

@Bex Sounds great i will totally give it a try

@Bex I love foaming face washes. They are so gentle on the skin and makes the skin feel so soft and clean afterward. Can't wait to try!

@Bex WOO HOO~ I was hoping this was what the product was.  I will be happily purchasing this to give it a try! Thanks!

@Bex  love 😊 it..it sounds like a winner....I can't wait to try it...is it  similar to the refreshing face wash but in foam form?

@Bex Now, how can I not try this!? Foam is the new big thing! Sound so refreshing 😊

@Bex  Would definitely give it a try.  Does it come out foamy or is it one that turns to a foam with water?

Wow! will definitely try it! 🤗

@Bex  Love the name and how it’s described as “velvety” - I will definitely try it!  Is there a launch date?

@Bex I love the description! I would definitely give this a try! Can't wait for this product to hit the shelves 

@Bex This would be another great skin product from YGS, Hoping it works for sensitive skin.

@Bex  I was using Cetaphil oil control foam wash prior to switching to YGS Comforting Gel Cleanser. I love the foam texture, but I don't think it really lifts the oil from extremely oily skin as much as a gel cleaner. I'm looking forward to giving a try because I like that the description describes it as a velvet foam.  That word makes it stands out.  Sounds pampering! 

@Bex Awesome can't wait to try it.

@Bex Ahh, so it was a face wash in the end! I'd love to try it so I will keep an eye on the shelves at Boots next time I go. I love all YGS products so I bet this will not disappoint.

@Bex Love it!! Just bought the original refreshing face wash, but this is worth another trip to Walgreens. I like form cleaners-the suds make me feel like my face is getting clean. I know this is not always the case, but in general I prefer lathering products for my hair and skin

@Bex Hi Bex and ladies!

I'm Super glad that this was a foaming facial Wash! I actually had to purchase one last month from Neutrogena because YGS didn't have one.

I have been using the Calming Cream Cleanser and noticed that cream cleansers are thick and clogs pores. I had been dealing with that problem for months before finally buying a foam cleanser and notice the problems lessen.

I like that you all decided to call it "Wash" rather than cleanser. The "Velvet" foam statement sounds deliciously soft and creamy. I also like the Revitalizing claim and refreshing claim.

Question: Is it scented? 

I looked in my local walgreens. I will see if I can order online. Cant wait to try 

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