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Moments that matter

Hi Ladies! 

I would really love to know more about the key moments that matter during a day, or during your life, when skin plays an important role.

For example, deciding whether or not to wear make up whilst on the school run or on a date night. Or, taking your make up off at the end of the day and taking a closer look at your skin in the mirror. 

Do you have any examples of this? Would love to hear all your thoughts!


I make a conscientious effort to take care of my skin every day.  I do not take my skin for granted and when I do wear makeup during the week, I am always sure to remove it and keep up with my skin care routine.  I like to give my skin a break on the weekends from wearing makeup and like to go all natural. 

@Bex For me it is very important that I take care of my skin. I like to look my best everyday. I like to wear makeup sometimes and sometimes not...it depends on how I am feeling but either way I love me some me...but at the end of the day I make a conscious effort to take the makeup off. I forget sometimes especially when I am really really tired but I am getting better at making sure I take it off at the end of the day.

@Bex I’m not sure if I can say or make any suggestions in this discussion,bex,for I always go the natural way. I’ve never worn any makeup,nor have I ever had any skin issues. I’m not saying my skin is flawless because I’ve never worn cosmetics. But I won’t put it past it either. I do apply anti-aging products to maintain my good skin,and as a preventative measure,though.  What I loathe from friends that apply cosmetics is the fact that it takes them so much longer to get ready to go out anywhere. And their rationalization is,”I have to put on my face”. And the face I give them to that statement is priceless . Imagine this facial expression after I’ve asked them,”whatsh”?! (I was searching for an appropriate emoji,but ofcourse I couldn’t find one)

@Bex Whenever I am going to be out in the sun all day I really stay on top of my sunscreen and moisturizer.  If for example, I am going to the beach or lake, I always carry an SPF 30 and higher with me to apply throughout the day.

Sagittarius posted:

@Bibicool “You love you some you”,huh? Lol.., Too cute for me!

lol...just playing around

@Bex My skin is important everyday.  I make sure that I am always attentive to it because I feel like if I miss one day in my routine then I will be thrown off.  As far as make up...  I don't wear foundation only mascara and lip products so it's very easy for me to apply these for everyday use.  Sometimes I do not have on the minimal makeup because I feel like I do not need it like when I'm going to the grocery store or something like that.  I am so happy with my skin now that makeup is not a necessity.  I feel beautiful all of the time and my husband and family notices it too😀😀😀

@Bex It is important for me too look my best every day and especially my skin because I am very conscious about my skin. I will always use a serum and a cc cream and when I know that I am going somewhere I will use foundation for a more even skin tone. At the end of the day I always make sure to clean my face especially when wearing makeup it is important to go to sleep with a clean face so my night cream can do its work during the night on a clean face!

@Bex My skin is really important to me! It’s the first thing that people notice when they look at you. I keep it clean and moisturized. I do wear foundation every day because my skin is not perfect and I try to cover those imperfections up as best I can. I use a cream to powder foundation. It goes on really smoothly. I have used liquid foundation and I seem to overdo it. And I have used just powder and it doesn’t last. I also wear eyeliner and mascara and usually a lipliner and lipstick. If it’s a big evening I will add some eyeshadow. I wear glasses so I want my eyes to be seen!

Now some days I don’t wear any makeup and that’s usually when I am not going anywhere that day. If things change I can usually apply it quickly. Hubby doesn’t mind waiting!

@kelceyryder My advice to you,Linda,is hold onto that man for life. 😋 That term you used,”cover up” is what I see when makeup is up for discussion. I feel you when you wish to hide an imperfection;yet our skin needs to breathe,hon. And like I’ve always stated,”our bodies heel itself if we let it. Just try to do it like you said,”not everyday.” Perhaps you can just highlight the good features. For example: apply a thin layer of brow pencil to the cheek bones and smooth it in upward & gently,to pick up the face,fill in the eyebrows lightly after brushing them and without ever shaving them first,taint the lips rather than applying too much lipstick which changes the natural hue of your lips,then use the same lipstick on your lips and dab a little on the cheeks as a rouge,put a dab of Vaseline on your eyelashes to extend them..,And “Viola”! There’s that natural look I sooo love.& you will too. JUST LOOK AT ME;(Miss Non makeup wearer) AS IF I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?! 🤗 Bet I made you look though!😉

@Bex  Hi, I have always made a conscious effort to take care of my complexion as best as I can. My granny always said to spend more on your skincare rather than your makeup cos if your skin looks good, cheap make up will work, if it doesn’t look good even expensive makeup won’t really help. So that is what I have tried to do. I wear concealer and some eye , cheek and lip colours daily and on more special occasions foundation and mascara. As I get older I try to apply the less is more effect mantra 😂or it could be I am becoming lazier with makeup! But I will never omit skincare or sunscreen.

@Bex I pay a lot of attention to my skin daily! I make sure to wipe of my makeup thoroughly at the end of the day and do my full skincare routine morning and night.  If I’m just running a quick errand, I might just use some concealer under my eyes, mascara and lip balm but if I’m out for longer, special occasion I will wear more.  I don’t use any foundation and I’m happy about that because my skin can breathe! 

@Bex I take care of my skin everyday. I make sure I don't pack my skin with harsh chemicals. I look for what's best for my skin and right now that's YGS products. I also make sure at the end of the day I remove any make up, If any was applied that day, before I go to bed. Also I never forget to moisturize my skin everyday.

@Sai That’s what I’m talking about,Sai! I don’t see enhancing the beauty that’s already there,I see hiding the natural beauty that’s there. ...Let “me” breathe. 😋

I do make sure i take care of my skin every day. If i am going to the gym or going to be working out in the yard i do not wear make up . If we are going to dinner with friends or out for the night i put makeup on then and am always sure to wash it off at night 

@Bex I like to look presentable for work and also doll up when going out at night or my boyfriend’s concerts. So my makeup needs to be on point but I also want to make sure I am not lumpy and bumpy on my face...pimples are so distracting to me as well as offsetting my perfect look.

Another time it matters is when I’m outdoors for awhile, whether enjoying some sun or doing yard work. I don’t have to look pretty but I have to keep protected and make sure I’m wearing sunscreen to keep from damaging my skin and accelerating wrinkles.

@Taewow  I just knew you were a beauty! Regardless if you are camera shy,that beauty will come through from your persona. And it does...I’m not too keen on makeup because it just doesn’t look good on me;to me anyway. I have high eyebrow arches and I suppose I’ve never really learned how to apply makeup correctly with the facial contours I’ve been allotted. I do try to lift my cheek bones with a little eyebrow pencil as a shadowing effect,taint my lips lightly,and grow my brows thicker for that natural look. But thasisit. 😋

@Sagittarius  thank you so much and I appreciate your kind words.  I really can use them considering I still think in look like a zombie in every photo 😀 and I have see your beautiful full face, it's perfect ...and your eyebrows are arched perfectly.. They are sexy and every woman wants sexy eyebrows😀🤣🤣

@Bex Hi there!  I have always been a [pretty much] make-up free sort of gal.  So much so that when I was a teacher, people used to call me the little hippie girl (out of love).  But now that I am older, I do find that a touch of this or that does even out skin tone or plump or hide some of fine lines that have popped up.  But I still like to give my skin a break from any make up.  How I choose depends on my activities for the day.  The three days that I go to work, I will wear some blurring cream on my forehead, some color corrector and a hint of concealer on my nose/chin/cheeks to soften out the redness, as well as shadow and mascara.  On the weekend if I am running errands I will just swipe on some mascara and gloss.  And on my days off, lounging at home, just running to the grocery or the beach I go makeup free.  My pores need to breathe!  But I always wash my face after I workout in the AM and in the PM before bed, and apply an eye cream, YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate and a day or night cream. 

@Bex I think that moisturizing before going out is a must, regardless of the weather. I also believe that removing makeup before going to bed is also a must. 

@Taewow Those are not words,meme;they are facts because remember,”Mere words are writ on water”. And if you don’t stop flattering me,I’m gonna think I’m pretty and be in for a big letdown. 😋 ...I Love you too much. You have a tendency to see the beauty in everything... And I envy that gift in  character because it’s so hard to come to terms with. Most people walk with fear by their side,believing it to be their armor. Yet,it prevents us from looking deeper,closer, and with loving eyes. Like yours. And I’m guessing this is one of the reasons some people become easier victims than others. “Fear is the killer “.

@Sagittarius Oh my,  these words are so prophetic and thank you for them.  Have you ever written a book,  poem,  article.. Something because your word play is beautifully strong and touching.  If I read this again I'm gonna tear up over here 😶 P. S.  God only makes beautiful people and I'm happy to know you as one of them.  

@Taewow Oh wow,I don’t know what to say,or how to thank you for your encouragement. It is you who are the inspiration. I have been told before,that I would fare well to author a novel. But truth be told,Meme,”I am well versed,sure,but when it comes to a person to person conversation,I forget my eloquence,the intelligible words..,thus sound ghetto.😅 Someone on here once said,”We are our own worst enemy“. Truth infinity squared! 😉

@Sagittarius  it's true and you are criticizing yourself now... and call me Taeron or Tae that's my true name.  I mentioned that FB account was a ploy so that I could get free gems in Mobil gaming and other free offers.  I don't like my info passed around and sold from company to company. I never figured that I will use it ever but I guess I was proved wrong. It was convient 😀

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