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Missing me well Ibeen in Hospital with Cellulitis

🤔  I was hospitlized this past tuesday and got out friday with a lot of cheese shown to my doctor lol.  I was tired of the hospital and wanted to resume my care at home.  I been stricken with this in a little over a week.


Oh @mariebow,  I'm sorry to hear this.  I wish you a speedily recovery and am glad you are at home where you can be comfortable

Glad you're back home @mariebow get well soon and make sure you rest 😊

@mariebow I am sorry to hear that! I am glad you are back home. I will pray for a fast recovery!

@mariebow Oh I am sorry to hear this. I am sure you will be better recuperating at home. Do you have some help?

@mariebow Glad you’re back home feeling better.

@Mim Thank you Mim there is no place like home😊

Most people recover quicker from their own homes. Hopefully that will be your experience @mariebow. I will add you to my prsyers.

@mariebow So sorry to hear this 😟 I wish you a speedy recovery.

@mariebow Aww,precious.., “And here I’m thinking that,”cellulitis“ was an affliction of having our cell phones as a permanent fixture in our hands! 😉 Get well soon,Marie. It’s imperative to us as I’m sure to others who also care about you. Ha?!

@mariebow “Don’t go there,Marie”! 😅 ...Especially not during the holiday. 

@mariebow  So sorry that you been in the hospital, but glad you're feeling better. 

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