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Mineral sunscreen

I would like to know if at some point you guys are thinking of making a mineral sunscreen. I have tried to change many habits, especially in relation to the environment, so I have opted for mineral sunscreen instead of chemical, because it is also healthier for the skin and I had skin trouble with avobenzone base products( allergy problems) . What are your thoughts about this?


I’ve never tried a mineral sunscreen @luneangeli I wonder if YGS will do one of those in the future?

@luneangeli great question.  I'm looking forward to reading other replies and learning more about mineral sunscreen.

@luneangeli .I haven't tried one but like the idea. What are the active minerals that help block the sunrays

@Taewow zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide.  You always have to look for non-nano particles products. And they say that we have to avoid the sunscreen with hight content of Titanium dioxide because it's not biodegradable and it's harmful to all sea life  

@mariebow thank you 😊  I've been trying to avoid chemicals as much as I can. I like to read the labels and know about every ingredient 

@kelceyryder I think the sprays are the worst of all, especially because of the risk of inhalation every time you are going to make use of them.

@Sai I sincerely hope that YGS can produce a mineral product someday

@luneangeli I haven’t heard of this before but sounds good for allergies I can’t use a lot of brands of sunscreen as they bring me out in a rash and make me itchy. I hope YGS brings out its own version too 

@luneangeli No plans at the moment but we love hearing your suggestions! When did you first start using a mineral sunscreen?

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