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Mask and scrib

just wondering... Wouk you use cleanser before or after using the mask or scrub?


@Sarah Merrett I don’t use masks but I do use scrubs and I use it after my cleanser. It’s just how it works for me.

@Sarah Merrett Before I put on a mask I always clean my face first with a face wash and then put on the mask.

@Sarah Merrett  I would cleanse my face before the mask to ensure that my skin is absorbing the ingredients

@Sarah Merrett I use a scrub, then mask, then gentle cleanser (YGS Comforting Cleanser!) after to make sure all the mask is rinsed off

@Sarah Merrett I always clean my face first before a mask. I don't use scrubs as my skin is very sensitive

Use both once a week but don’t cleanse beforehand, just wondered whether I should ...:

@Sarah Merrett I would nornally cleanse to remove makeup then use scrub or mask. I wouldn’t dona scrub and a mask on the same day as wouldn’t want to over load the skin. Would do one one day and the other a day or two after. I tend to use a scrub in the middle of a week and a mask on a weekend as a treat 

@Sarah Merrett I would always use a cleanser before using a mask or a scrub 😊

@Bex. thank you I have now cleansed before using my scrub and ladies Boots have 25% off at the moment.  

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