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Make-Up Bags / What’s in yours?”

This is my idea of a makeup bag. “Whatsh “?! They are tools,you know.., They fix our faces..,🥰 




I have hand cream, moisturizer, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, tweezers,  lip balm, eyelash curler, eye shadow. 

@Sagittarius  Hi, I think I have everything in mine except the kitchen sink ! I do try to minimise but things just keep jumping back inv😂

Hand cream and lip balm is all i carry with me


This is my travel bag just for makeup—mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick, foundation, sharpener, and a couple of masks.

@kelceyryder Not that I use much makeup ,Hon..,Today I have my nude tan concealer stick,by Elf;a blood red shade of lipstick,by Mary Kay,and a sleek onyx eyebrow pencil,by,L'oreal. Oh,and a travel size bottle of my 2 favorite fragrances:"Clean and Fresh" by Pink. And a pure form of African "Patchouli".

@DonnaB I bet,for all your troubles,you never go one day unnoticed.💋  ...Things just keep jumping right back in,huh? LOL.., You're much to cute!

@Sagittarius I have an eye pencil,  liquid liner, lip liner, lipstick, concealer, mascara, blush, concealer brush, blush brush and tweezers. I usually do my face up once and if needed I  touch up during the day.... it's usually only my lips and liner though.

@Sai Oh stop lying,Sai. That beauty of yours is all natural. 😉  I'm betting you just carry YGS products.

@Sagittarius That's a great bag! I have everything I need in my bathroom. I always carry a mascara, a lip balm and a lip gloss in my purse.

Thank you,Henny and Patty! Very nice of you' to compliment my toolbag that I use as a fashion accessory to go shopping ( something like you girls probably use,but from LL Bean..,)  ...I got a lot of stares from construction workers. 😅

Hehe....@Sagittarius I do carry the YGS instant dryness rescue in my handbag......oh yeah, the YGS lip balm is in my cosmetic bag too! The other YGS products I only use at home!

I knew it! Because I remember you telling us about a road trip or vacation you went on,and you went on to tell us you were applying the YGS instant dryness rescue whilst in the car. And it worked it's wonders on you because it was hot out.

@kelceyryder I keep everything in my bathroom trolley but when I travel I bag my brow pencil, eyeliner, lip balm and concealer. I go light when I travel lol

@Mim Oh me too! I like lots of room to bring back stuff!🎄

You rememberd right @Sagittarius I love that little dryness rescue, it comes in really handy when I’m out.....I use it mainly on my hands.

@Sagittarius  great choice of topic by the way x so revealing to see what we each class as essentials x

@DonnaB Thank you,Donna. I just wanted to see what I was missing in my bag.😉 You girls are great. 💋💋💋

@Sagittarius  my makeup bag is more "bag" Than makeup.   I carry a few lipsticks,  glosses and my YGS lip balm. I also have my mascara and my perfume roller ball and hand cream. Sometimes I have a perfume paint brush from Victoria's Secret.  That's my new favorite item for now. 

@Taewow "More bag than makeup"?!  Lol.., The first I've heard of a perfume paintbrush;and I do Victoria's Secret. But yet,I only buy my favorite"Pink / Fresh & Clean",or "Love Spell". Then I'm outrunning the sales clerk. Lol..,Pushy-------.😋 Thank you all for responding! You're a great group of ladies,and I'm glad to have made your acquaintances.   ...I truly am.

@Sagittarius  You are such a lovely person yourself.  You keep me smiling.  The perfume paintbrush is pretty good.  You click the button and get perfume comes out as a gel and you paint it where you want it. The brush is silky soft.  It's convenient and it's great for travel.  Not to mention that the fragrance lasts pretty well too.  I currently have it in Love,  Tease and Very Sexy.  I also but the pink fragrances.. Fresh&Clean Smells great.  My daughter loves that one.  I also like Crush by VS. 

@Sagittarius I love your makeup bag. I don't wear a lot of makeup so I don't carry much with me. I have mascara, lip balm, lipstick and eyeshadow

@nancym46 Thanks,Nance!  I could’ve gotten a smaller one,but what good would that do? 😋

@Taewow That look fantastic,WowTae! 😉 Thanks for showing me. Next time I go to VS,I’ll look around more. And tell your daughter I said,”she has good taste in perfume.” 😋

@Sagittarius  I most definitely will.  And you should like the paintbrush.  It doesn't go everywhere and the gel is concentrated.  It says it has 250+ clicks so that's quite a bit of perfume gel.  I used Love this morning and can still smell it.  It lasts just as long if not longer than their expensive perfume.  Its more direct and you don't have to worry about spraying up the whole room. The scent is directly on you. I'm glad I found this perfume paintbrush.  It's usually $18 and worth the price but they were on sail for $6 each when I got mine.  I bought 2 of each scents I mentioned above.  I would say I picked up on this find.  I will definitely buy these again. 

@Taewow Well said,Tae! You’d make a terrific spokeswoman. Even a good salesperson.! Cause I’m sold on your perfume paintbrush thingy. 😋 Victoria Secret,here I come!!! You really are a treasure. 😘And Thank you for elaborating. 

@kelceyryder “Stocking stuffers “?! I’d keep them all for myself. 😋 After all,a lady never reveals her fragrances,nor should she be asked. Wait a minute... I think I learned that one from you,Kielcey.

@kelceyryder  Yes they would make great stocking stuffers and the come in a cute box too..  It's shaped like a tube

@Sagittarius  thank you so much and I know you will love it just as much as I do😃

Sagittarius posted:

@kelceyryder “Stocking stuffers “?! I’d keep them all for myself. 😋 After all,a lady never reveals her fragrances,nor should she be asked. Wait a minute... I think I learned that one from you,Kielcey.

That's a great quote and I guess you and I are alike because the 6 that I bought are all for me ☺😶

@Sagittarius ikr.  Just call me greedy.  There are three things I love for myself. . Chocolate,  perfumes and lipsticks/glosses....ummm...and purses and shoes. . Oh my I guess that five..  Hey,  that's one item for each child that I had. Ha!  I guess I can say I deserve this😃😃😃😃😃😃

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