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Loving it

Hello ladies 

its my third day of my 28 days and I am very happy with what I’m seeing. Just saying. Whom ever is experiencing challenges don’t give up. I’ve videotaped myself from day one and could see a difference in just 3days and believe me I needed help 🌹


That's great news @Pica flor I'm happy to hear you're seeing positive results already 😁

@Pica flor Glad to hear you are seeing results right away! Are you making a video diary? That's kinda cool.

@Pica flor I am so happy for you that you are already seeing great results!

I am I I truly hope that at the end of the 28 I’ll continue to do 28 th for ever lol 🌹

@Pica flor LOl..,! And I was hoping to look 28 again! These products do help us achieve most goals where maintaining our beauty is concerned. And effectively too. And then we can eventually add some of our favorite anti-aging products when our skin gets used to “YGS”. Hey,I said a good quote just now! Lol.., Don’t mind me,flor;I’m Puerto Rican and Columbian.  😉

@ReneeF That’s a great idea,Renee. Perhaps our “Sai” can recommend all the newcomers to start taking before and after photos/videos whence they begin using the challenge products,as well as others. She’s an efficient welcomer and can do that whilst she’s greeting them and sending birthday wishes..,But I’m sure something to that effect is written somewhere in the welcoming/getting started glossary from Bex. But who reads anything completely when they’re anxious to get started?

I’m probably not the best person for the job @Sagittarius I hate taking pics and videos myself, I love seeing them though. There is a place for before and after pictures when someone starts their challenge, it’s totally up to them if they want to share. I’ll stick to the birthday wishes 😉

@Sai Why don’t you like to take photos & videos,Sai? You’d be the perfect,alluring candidate for inspiring us. I mean,”sheesh”!,who wouldn’t want to look like you?! 😉 I suppose I did read that there was a place that mentions the ability to take before and after pictures in the introduction. But,as I said,” I don’t see too many girls reading too far into,nor the entire intro”. Especially the younger ladies. But then again... you read it! 😊

I guess I’m just a bit shy @Sagittarius thank you for the compliment through 😊💕

@Sai I don’t see shy,I see the humbleness that comes before..,

@Pica flor Love hearing that you are seeing great results already. Just keep it up!😄

@Pica flor Amazing news, so happy to hear this! What differences have you seen so far?

Hello Bex I’m thrilled with the way I’m in control of my face now. I’m going to post before and after on my 28th day . My skin looks cleaner, brighter, smoother. Those pumps like pimples are almost gone that alone is unbelievable they were like little white pimples some with water inside but would not brust , or go away. The skin discoloration from the sun here was bad on both sides of my cheeks, I had a lot of dryness on my upper lip ,chin from twesing  my mustache,and  chin hair so my skin was always chapped as if I were pealing from a sunburn. Let me tell you my face could be the poster child for YGS .Lol . I still have along way to go ,I relieze that but it’s all good, my close friends and family see a difference already. Today I only put on blush and mascara and lipstick and a friend said “Oh you look pretty today with make up . I had none on,  I don’t ware it but that will be my next step, I’m aging gracefully,but intend on fighting it all the way LOL 🌹

@Sagittarius you know us puertorican women with that good skin if we take care of it.  I always said I had aligator skin it can take a beaten lol . I’m 69 better late then never to get it together  lol.  Somos Hermanas latinas 😊🌹

@ReneeF yes I have before day 1 till now , I’m filling up my gallery have to start deleting some lol  I look at them daily 🌹

@Pica flor "Go ahead with your bad self,girlfriend"! And 69 is nothing but a number. We're as young as we feel. That's a nice compliment that I've gotten once about how pretty your makeup looks,yet we're not wearing any.  I hardly ever wear makeup because I don't see a need for it...yet. 😉 I may wear a little concealer for my dark circles, tint my lips "lightly" with a blood red lipstick liner (so that it could last all day) and a little eyebrow pencil to make my brows seem thicker. But if people think I'm wearing makeup and compliment me because of it;I won't disappoint them. That'd be too cruel. 😋  "De Veldad"! 💋

@Sagittarius morning well this morning I woke up to a peeling nose, I told Sai I was going to stop my acne cream and only use it on certain areas, I need to ask you something how would I say in English (Panyo) as you know I live in Puerto Rico and I have that from the sun . I told Sai but I said skin discoloration and I don’t think it’s correct, I bought a cream that helped once but stopped using it , my concern is can I use it again with YGS? Any feedback will be appropriate 🌹

P.S. help me to explain Panyo , lol

@Pica flor what are the symptoms of your panyo because upon looking it up it seems similar to psoriasis but I'm not too sure if this is what you are speaking of.  Here is a description of psoriasis.  Psoriasis—A skin disease that causes scaling and swelling. Most psoriasiscauses patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales. These patches can itch or feel sore. They are often found on the elbows, knees, other parts of the legs, scalp, lower back, face, palms, and soles of the feet

You could use it again with the YGS products you’re using @Pica flor Im using non YGS products along with my products too.

@Taewow No nothing like that its like skin discoloration, it’s getting better I think . Maybe because my face is brighter and clean looking I just happened to notice now I truly believe that the YGS is helping I was wonder if I could use my old cream just in case . I believe Sai said I could when I post my pictures I’ll point it out to you Taewow ok thank you tonight I didn’t use the acne cream to see what happens. 🌹@Sai Thank you my friend your a great help to me don’t know you but I trust you 🙃🌹

@Sai I tried to thank you and it went on Taewow reply Thank you 🌹

Awww....thank you @Pica flor you’re too sweet 😊

@Pica flor  Aww..  Thanks so much and that is what we are here for..  . to help and support one another.  And I also use other anti aging  products along with my YGS items because they are for skin balancing and support not technically for anti aging but they work wonders for my skin and I'm sure all of the lovely ladies in the community. 

And I thank you ladies, sometimes it’s hard to express what you really want to ask, but you have given me confidence and I appreciate it, not to say your helping me with all my beauty regiment 🤔 if I post do you all see it, cause I want to make sure you all know how I appreciate your support Sai, nancym46 Taewow sagittarius and all the other ladies that listen I’m learning whom you are also names 🌹

Yes we all see it @Pica flor and you are most welcome! We are all here to listen and help 💕

@Pica flor  thank you so much.  That's why we all love this community.  We all learn share and support each other.  Glad to have you as a member😀

Good evening ladies today I went through all my photos that I’ll be posting soon an my 28th day. I have circled areas that I wanted you to see the progress the most trouble areas I had that I was unhappy with. Now note that the lighting is different, no makeup at all , but if you look close you’ll see the difference in my trouble areas. The pimples that were really not pimples I think are still there however smaller smoother to the touch almost going away in so places gone. My discoloration seems to be going away somewhat not totally but I had more. I’m writing all this now because when I post the pics I don’t know if I’ll get it together lol 😮and know where to write all I want to say so better safe then sorry. I know I still have a ways to go , that I can’t undo years of neglect in 28 days but know one thing I’m happier with my skin now  ok thank you until yours🌹

@Pica flor Hello,lovely! I'm glad you're giving it a chance,and that YGS seems to be working for you too. Don't give up,and remain disciplined.How are doing with the *ashy dry white spots (panyos)*...sounds better in spanish. 😉 Let me know,and ask the other girls too. And you can write all you want,sweetheart. I,for one,will read it. 😘

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