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Kick-starting our 'Before & Afters'

These women took part in GoodSkinIn28 using 2 pumps of the Balancing Skin Concentrate morning & evening alongside their daily skin routine. 

The results speak for themselves! So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Please share your 'Before & Afters' pictures here...

Improvements in skin texture & evenness of skin tone.


Improvements in oiliness, radiance, evenness of skin tone & texture.

@Bex Great pics! You can really see a difference.

Just in case anyone is wondering, the charts at the bottom of the photographs are colour checker cards which basically allows the images to be regulated to the same colour/light condition so that they are unaffected by environmental changes.

This is my "before." You can see I have a deep, angry blemish on my chin, lots of oiliness, and blackheads on my nose/cheeks. The product I've resorted to using until today has helped with some of the breakouts, but has caused my skin to peel and hasn't helped with the oiliness. 

@Puglove88 still gorgeous though! I would suggest for angry blemishes that pop up like that - YourGoodSkin Rapid Rescue Treatment! I've been using it and 95% of the time my ugly little face friend 😠 is destroyed in 2 days 😄

@Sai Thank you! Hard to be seen without my concealer!

@Puglove88 I know what you mean!  I use it to cover my dark circles. You have deep set eyes like mine, and the circles seem more noticeable even when they're not that dark.  Please come out with something for that YourGoodSkin™

@Sai Yes! Please do! I'm trying a new eye cream and a new concealer. I'll let you know if I have any success!

@Puglove88 I've found a decent concealer by bare minerals, it has a serum in it...I like that so far.  I am using a eye cream by tru skin, it leaves my eye area hydrated and smooth but lets see how it works in dark circles!  Do let me know how yours work out for you 😊

@Sai I'm trying Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream and IT Cosmetics concealer. I had an Ulta coupon 😊

@Puglove88 You always look so beautiful Amy! Thanks so much for sharing these - keep us updated with a weekly photo?!

@Puglove88 I've wanted to try both of those! Let me know how it goes!

@Bex Great pictures and what a great results! @Puglove88 Your skin looks amazing even with that chin friend. For those stubborn "friends" I am using the facial blemish stick-anti-bacterial with Tea Tree from Desert Essence (available on Amazon). I put it on at night and the next morning it already looks a lot better. 


Great results!

@Sai that is so cool after i try mine i will try to post be/after pictures cant wait

@Sai I sure will! I'm going to give the Olay product the full two weeks.

@Bex Wow, you can really see the difference. I have not received the Skin Balancing Concentrate yet-very eager to try it!

@Bex the results are truly amazing. I'm still waiting but may as well get it from Walgreens but I don't want to have two YGS concentrates. Does it have a shelf life or "good by" date?

@Taewow I'm thinking the same thing-I don't have my concentrate yet and I really don't want two -but these photos make me so excited to try the Skin Balancing Concentrate, I may break down and buy it anyway!

@Puglove88  You look amazing....your skin looks so healthy and fresh.

@Sai  I agree and you know Sai, I have been battling the dark circles for too long. We really need a product that can tackle this issue with fast results with consecutive usage. @Puglove88 this seems to be a very common issue that a lot of women face.

@teachpetch that makes the two of us. The pictures are really refreshing and natural looking.

@Puglove88  @Sai I use the Olay Regenerist line and it seems to keep me looking the same.... no complaints. Maybe I just can't see the difference because I tend to stay away from pictures. The last time I took a picture I looked like a zombie so never again😳

@Taewow @teachpetch you could always save it or give one away to family or friend! People are sometimes more acceptable to trying a new product when it's free!

@Hendrika  I hear that tea tree oil has a lot of healing properties for the skin and hair. I have a bottle of CHI tea tree oil that I use for my hair and it no longer suffers from breaking. It is said to be good for acne/flare-ups.

@Bex I can definitely see a change in the skin tone. Around her eyes (a problem area for me) looks more balanced and blended.

@Taewow Thank you! I'm looking forward to texture and blackhead improvement!

@Puglove88 It is well deserved🙂 I am looking for improvement in the texture, tone and my dark circles. 

@Hendrika I have used these products before and I'm so excited for the changes! I think adding the tonic will be an extra bonus. I also thought about the blackhead scrub a few days a week.

@Hendrika I may give it a try. The scent of the all natural one from CHI just has an earthy smell so I use it as a hot oil treat for my hair that I wash out. Is the one that you use scented?

Taewow posted:

@Puglove88  @Sai I use the Olay Regenerist line and it seems to keep me looking the same.... no complaints. Maybe I just can't see the difference because I tend to stay away from pictures. The last time I took a picture I looked like a zombie so never again😳

That's another one I wanted to try!  It looks like so many of us suffer from this issue and we're all looking at the same products! At least you let me know it had no effect! I'm sure you look great in your pics, I remember the one u took on the skin matter community 😀

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