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Just past half way 😊😊

So I’m just over half way on my skin journey and I must admit I’m sooooo happy with the results. I have tried so many different skin products and they never really do what they claim or I get disappointed halfway through and jump ship. (I’m a bit of a product junkie) However this time I decided to stick to this and I’m so pleased I have. My skin, looks and feels amazing. Definitely going be recommending this to friend, family and anyone who will listen. Just one quick question, I need to now do something about the skin under my eyes!! I have dark circles and seem to always look tired around the eye area!! So what is everyone using and does it work? 😊😊


Hi @Nat so glad your getting amazing results with the YGS products....once you try them you're hooked (I definitely am)  As far as dark circles, I  haven't found that perfect cream yet but I have  found that my under eye masks and hylaronic acid plus vitamin c serum have made my under eye area look a little brighter and healthier.

@Nat So glad you're happy with your results so far, like so many of us who have had great results too 😊

@Sai Thank you I will try that see if it makes a difference. 😊😊

@Nat I am so glad that you are having such great results! I wish YGS would come out with a nice eye gel/cream but for now I am using Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye gel and it seems to work for my skin under my eyes.

@Nat .that's great news, I'm happy for you☺

You're welcome @Nat Good luck 😊

@Nat pleased your seeing a difference good luck with the rest of your journey and look forward to hearing about your progress enjoy


@Nat What amazing feedback, this is so lovely to hear! What day are you on now?


Olay i use that product as well. I found that olay eye for under dark cirlce is not work on my skin i try so many product none of them work on. That why i have request YGS for eye cream to be lauch as soon as possible.

@Former Member Let's hope they will come out with an eye cream soon!

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