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In UK - New to group- looking for other recommendations

Hi, currently 3 days in and hoping to sort my skin a little before March . I have mostly dry/ combination skin, redness and blemishes appearing around checks. I have he products pictured but wondering what else I can get to use daily , my lips are also very dry. Recommendations for makeup is also appreciated as I'm clueless 😂 I'm almost 30 and have been colour matched so many times but never know which type of foundation to go for x


Hi @Arieless and welcome to the community! You have some great products there 😊 I would have recommended you start with the balancing skin concentrate and it looks like you have it there! The cleanser is great for blemishes, but can be drying so it’s a good thing you have the day cream! There’s also a YGS lip balm you might want to try for your dry lips.  

I think the products you have are the best place to start, once your skin gets used to them you could always introduce more. 

@Arieless Welcome to the community! You have some great products there to start with. The concentrate is great. For your dry lips I would suggest using the YGS lip balm. Especially now with the freezing cold it has really helped my chapped lips. 

@Arieless I have actually never tried the calming cream. You might try the night cream too. And the lip balm is great!💕

@Arieless You've already gotten good advice so I'll just say welcome to the community!

Thanks, I never really try anything new as I normally react badly to almost everything, but 3 days in and everything seems fine. Will try night cream too as I didn't notice that in-store and definitely the lip balm as again didn't even notice it x

Good luck on your skincare journey @Arieless and let us know how you get on 😊

@Arieless Welcome to the community. I would definitely start with the 28 day challenge using the Balancing Concentrate and see how that goes. There are hundreds on foundations out there for all skin types. You can start by trying demos at you local beauty store if they participate in it or do what I do I go to YouTube when I need info on makeup. Good luck

@Arieless Welcome to the community! I would definitely recommend the Soothing Lip Balm for your dry lips. The Instant Dryness Rescue would also be helpful for any dry patches of skin (it can be applied to small or larger areas and provides 12 hour hydration). The Anti-Blemish Base Lotion would also be helpful if you have blemishes. You use this before your moisturiser 😊 

@Arieless  you have a great selection of products to start with so I can only recommend the YGS lip balm.  Good advice given already but if you are looking for a great mascara I recommend  Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.  .its my favorite

@Arieless Great product selection-my only addition would be an Exfoliant. The YGS Brightening Face wash is the best-so gentle, yet really gets your skin "deep down" clean. I use it every day-but for you I would start with a few times a week. As far as makeup-I love" it Cosmetics" brand-but many of their products are anti aging, and you're not there yet. I would go to an Ulta or Sephora if they are in the UK and get professional advice. Good luck and welcome!

@Arieless I think

you have a good selection of products to start with their. The overnight cream is lovely to use after the concentrate and I love the hot cloth cleanser. I have found the No7’s foundations in boots to be the best that I have used am currently using the radiance one and also like the L’Oréal perfect match one. Welcome to the group 

@Arieless I wanted to recommend Clinique makeup products. I use them and love them. They can be pricey, but are so worth it. 

@Arieless  hi and welcome, there is lots of good advice from the other ladies, so good luck on your new skin regime journey. Regarding foundation, YouTube bloggers like Lisa Eldridge and Nadine Bafggot are a good start as they have tutorials and who knows you might not even need foundation after your 28 day challenge x

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