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How do I stop receiving so many email messages from "Someone has liked your topic Reply?"

I'm asking because my mailbox run over to 200 of these type reply.  Thank you


@Mae Go to profile  →  communication preferences and you should be able to turn on and off notifications for likes and other things

@Mae oh and then click preferences!

Thanks @Sai 😘

@Mae I understand! Its a little annoying when your mail box fills up with so many likes. I turned off my likes notifications too 😊

@Mae You can change your communication preferences in your profile.

@mariebow you go to profile → communication preferences → preferences and you should see option there to turn it off

Thank you I thought I had that set.

@mariebow you’re welcome! Let me know if you need any help with it if it doesn’t work 

You’re welcome @flojo I know it’s annoying to get so many like notifications, you end up with a full inbox!

@Mae go to your profile nd look for notifications and stuff and set it the way you want

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