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Home Remedies for skincare

I want to ask the ladies have they ever used any home rememdies to help clear up their skin.  I have used home remedies for colds, which was cow chip tea, and for toothaches I used baking soda, I cannot remember if I have used any home remedies for my skin.  And if they worked at the time.


@mariebow I have and honestly, they didn't work well for me. Only thing I created was a mess and chaos! I have tried all sorts, toothpaste or eyesdrops to reduce redness and blemishes. Egg white mask, Honey mask, and avocado mask. Ive tried adding sugar to body washes. All sorts of stuff out there. One time I did Apple Cider Vinegar..it was awful and smelled. 

@mariebow I threw so many white flags in the air and just accepted my skin's fate but not no more!

@Erin  I heard if the egg white face mask, my mom was trying that about two weeks ago ha! ha! I haven't asked her how it went yet though.

@mariebow  I have heard of several like a few mentioned from @Erin. I also heard about dabbing milk under the eyes to help with dark circles too. It is said that you can make your own natural face scrubs with granulated sugar and honey, raw sliced potatoes for eye bags and dark circles even using Vic's vapor rub on your scalp to stimulate new hair growth. I haven't tries any but I still like to read about them😀

@Taewow I have heard about the milk too but never tried it. Most the foods that you use for home remedies are a staple in this house 😂 but i did feel like some sort of sorceress making them 😁

@Erin Ha! I have a Wizards hat from Disneyland you can borrow😂 That's funny I can just imagine that!

@mariebow I haven't tried too many home remedies for skin, but one I did try not long ago was fresh Aloe vera leaf.  I used it for my skin, its suppose to have a lot of benefits!  Here's a link so I don't have to write them all!


It was actually recommended by my sister, who also is the one who introduced me to Bio oil.  She has a little plant that she takes her leaf from, I buy the huge leaf from my grocery store.  I cut the shape edges, slice the leaf down the middle and hen chop in to little rectangle pieces and freeze them in a ziploc bag.  They last longer like that, I tried refrigerating but they go bad quick.  I use it occasionally, but apparently for full benefits your suppose to use it daily.

@Sai I remember having an aloe vera plant as a kid. We used it to help treat scars when we fell down. I actually forgot about how good it is for moisture.

@Erin I bet you would wear it ha! ha!😃 you are always so fun😀

@Taewow I would wear it everywhere and wear while cooking, cleaning, and just hanging out 😂 my daughter has a rainbow unicorn wig, we all took turns one night wearing it and walking the "runway" 😁

@Sai you just reminded me to bring my plant inside since we are getting an arctic blast this weekend!

Taewow posted:

@Sai I rembee having an aloe vera plant as a kid. We uses it to help treat scars when we fell down. I actually forgot about how good it is for moisture.

It’s pretty good for burns too!

@Erin  That's cute, I know you guys have a lot of fun family pictures and videos😊

@Sai It sure is. I was just thinking of trying to grow one but o do not have a green thumb at all...

@Taewow Yeah, you’re probably better off buying one.  They actually sell a whole leaf, a huge one pretty cheap at grocery stores.  Our local Kroger’s sells them!

@Erin yeah, you don’t want to forget your plants out there!

@Sai That's interesting, I never knew that it was sold by the leaf. Where do they keep it , in the refrigerator?

@Erin Here comes the dreadful cold....I seen snow yesterday morning😑

@Taewow by the all the leaf veggies, pepper etc...its in the areas where the water mist sprays the produce.

@Sai  I never would have thought....I'm gonna keep my eye out for this. Thanks!

@Taewow if you end up freezing it, it lasts a lot longer.  Of course fresh is better, but I could only keep it a week in the fridge, it would get a bad smell and since the leaf is so big there’s no way I could use it all within that week.

@Sai That's a good idea, freezing it. 

@mariebow I've tried the toothpaste method many times over the years when I use to suffer with acne. I would just apply a little toothpaste whenever a large pimple or two would flare up out out of nowhere. This will help to slowly reduce the pimple. 

@Bonita I've heard of this but never tried it! Good to know it actually works.

@Bonitai do recall my mother saying we should use baking soda to brush our teeth when we were children.  I don't recall ever trying it...doesnt sound that good..  has anyone else tried this?

@Bonita thanks for that suggestion.   i ma give it a try.

It seems you are the go to gal to see what works and what doesn't on home remedies.  Thanks for filling us in on what you have tried. @Erin 

@Jeeper91 Its not sticking yet but I will be in no time...I'll be glad when the spring/summer seasons are back☺

@Temporarily_insane_4eva  I heard that from my mom a little while ago and then say some people mention it on YouTube. I haven't done any definate digging but it may be worth it.

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