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Hello ladies just stopping by to say Hi I’m still using my YGS and loving it always 🌹


Thanks @Pica flor Hope you are well! Which products are you using at the moment?

@Pica flor Hello,my lovey Dove! Nice to have you back with us. And the only way you will see results from the YGS' line of products,is to continue using them steadily,and on their own. Hug and kisses!

Hello hope all is well with you and the YGS family I recently started using the acne cream on those troubled areas I had and that cream works really well, I’m very happy with it it’s clearin up some old stuff I have had on my skin . I’m very happy with the product my skin feels and looks so much better healthier cleaner 😉I hope your having a good year so far I’m hanging riding the wave with beautiful skin lol 🌹

@Sai Hello Sai boy I’ve been missing you ladies nice to catch up  I’m still in love with YGS I feel good in my skin lol I trust the NewYear is being good to you 🙏 and yours you ladies are always in my prayers 🌹

@Hendrika  Hello my friend yes I’ve even bought extra the other day I went to Walgreens in my town and they had a great sale I got the serum for 19.99 and the second one for under 5.00 I got scared and thought maybe they were just trying to get rid of there supply so I doubled up on everything, I’d be a sad camper if that happened.lol  I miss hearing from my YGS family hope your well have a blessed year 🌹

@Bex Hello Bex so nice to hear from you I couldn’t find my way back to you so I rejoined lol and that didn’t work to well remember I’m not to computer savey 🙃 anyway I started posting probably in the wrong places but here we all are I’ve missed my group I thought is that all there is I’m left alone with my products !? Cause sometimes I have questions you know this lady Amy wrote me but I’m sad to say I didn’t hook up with her. Anyway that’s all she wrote, Have a Blessed year 🌹

@Bex I’m using all of them just started use the acne cream cause I wanted to clear up some old stuff that was hanging around for a while and it’s good it really works I also started using the wipes and the liquid makeup remover cause this girl bought herself makeup lol I enjoy looking at my skin now .🌹

@Pica flor Hello glad to hear from you. Enjoy and keep us in the loop.

@Pica flor Nice to hear from you. Glad you are still enjoying the products and seeing great results. Don't stray too far away!!

Happy birthday @mariebow 🎉🎁🎈🎂💐 Hope you have an amazing day 😊


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